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China targets Republicans with sanctions over U.S. human rights actions

The Chinese Communist government (CCP) today retaliated against the U.S. for imposing sanctions on CCP officials implicated in human rights abuses in the Xinjiang province of China, by imposing their own sanctions on prominent Republicans who speak out against Communist abuses.    

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chunying, told the press that the sanctions would punish the U.S. for “interfering in China’s international affairs,” according to CNN.  

“Among the US officials named by Hua are Senators Rubio (R) and Cruz (R), both former presidential candidates, US Representative Chris Smith (R), Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback (R) and the Congressional-Executive Commission on China,” said CNN.

Last week, President Trump targeted regional Communist Party boss Chen Quanguo and three other officials who have been implicated in human rights abuses in Xinjiang against the Uyghur Muslim minority. The allegations against the Communist regime include forced labor, human trafficking, sexual assault, gene washing and forced organ harvesting.

It’s unclear what punishment the Chinese Communists’ sanctions entail against the U.S. targets. U.S. sanctions prevent Communist Party officials and their immediate family from entering the U.S., amongst other penalties.  

“Every good-sized city in the United States has its suburb (or 2 or 3) where corrupt Chinese government officials buy houses and park their families,” says international lawyer Dan Harris, a China expert, “for fear of the next revolution in China that will chop off heads.”

On the other hand, says Harris, the CCP is doing Cruz and friends a favor: “Americans don’t want to go to China!”

Sen. Rubio, for one, doesn’t seem to be too upset: “The Communist Party of #China has banned me from entering the country. I guess they don’t like me?” he tweeted.

“Proud of these four friends for speaking the truth about the human rights abuses in China,” says former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley. “No sanctions will keep them from speaking out for those who can’t.”

Between one million and three million ethnic Uyghurs have been detained in Xinjiang and forced into re-education camps for “wrong thinking.” While Chinese officials claim the camps are vocational rehabilitation camps, outside critics, including Rubio, Cruz, Brownback, Smith and the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, have forcefully denounced the camps as little more than slave labor camps.  

The March 2020 report from the Congressional-Executive Commission on China warned that as labor markets become more expensive in China, China increasingly relied on forced labor from Xinjiang.

“The following companies are suspected of directly employing forced labor or sourcing from suppliers that are suspected of using forced labor”, according to the report:

• Adidas

• Badger Sportswear (has since committed to stop sourcing from the XUAR)

• Calvin Klein

• Campbell Soup Company

• Coca-Cola Company

• COFCO Tunhe Company

• Costco

• Esquel Group

• Esprit

• H&M

• Kraft Heinz Company

• Nike, Inc.

• Patagonia, Inc.

• Tommy Hilfiger

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