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Trump adviser dumps on Fauci for saying COVID deaths don’t matter

The Trump administration, following in the footsteps of Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, has laid the blame for the coronavirus response directly at the feet of the guy who had 36 years to prepare for the pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci. The same man who can’t say how to measure progress in combating the virus.

“Dr. Fauci has a good bedside manner with the public, but he has been wrong about everything I have ever interacted with him on,” White House adviser Peter Navarro told the Washington Post about efforts to stop Fauci from talking.

“Now Fauci is saying that a falling mortality rate doesn’t matter when it is the single most important statistic to help guide the pace of our economic reopening. So when you ask me if I listen to Dr. Fauci’s advice, my answer is only with caution.”

The media has been making much of a mostly test-driven increase in the number of infections identified, while the administration has been looking at key indicators like hospitalizations and deaths that have greatly improved since the start of the virus.

“Here are the facts,” tweeted Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona, which has seen an increase in positive COVID-19 tests.

Yesterday, the percent of Arizona’s COVID-19 cases that are hospitalized fell AGAIN to 4.73%.

● On June 11, this number was at 11.00%.

Yesterday, the total mortality rate in Arizona rose slightly to 1.83%.

● On June 1, this number was at 4.43%

Last week Fauci, accompanied by Democrat Sen. Doug Jones (AL), who favors a continued COVID shutdown to rebuild a more just society, told Americans that they shouldn’t be comforted by a lower COVID-19 mortality rate.

“There’s [sic] so many other things that are dangerous and bad about the virus. Don’t get into false complacency,” said Fauci, not indicating what other bad things come with the virus besides death.

However, while large states like Texas and Florida have reported more cases, the number of fatalities of those two states combined currently is less than the combination of fatalities in New York and New Jersey in the two months at the height of the fatality count from the end of March to late May.

So, it’s been difficult to gauge whether Fauci has been an honest broker of information, or is part of the Trump “resistance” that often puts hurting Trump ahead of truth and the best interests of the American people.

It’s hard not to think the latter, when Fauci tells us death isn’t the most important factor in driving COVID policy.

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  1. tymtrvlr July 14, 2020

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, dead road kill deer, all died of Covid, 8, 9. 10, 11, 12, oh! there’s a dead squirrel, definitely Covid-19 related, that makes 13, 14,…………………………

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