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Soros aims to destroy justice system

In November 2016, a little known Central Florida prosecutor scored a stunning upset over the incumbent elected state’s attorney to become the chief prosecutor over the Orlando area. 

Aramis Ayala won with the help of $1.4 million pumped into her campaign funding by leftist billionaire George Soros. Ayala promptly became infamous around Florida for abandoning the death penalty as a potential punishment, including in a case involving a suspect who murdered his pregnant girlfriend and a local cop.

But Ayala was not a one-offer. 

Soros has shown a willingness to spend big to corrupt the criminal justice system from within — as shown by the protests over George Floyd, the Black Minneapolis man who died in police custody. Soros’s chosen DAs are making a mockery of justice across America.

In California, for example, Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton refused to prosecute a Black Lives Matter protester charged with resisting arrest and assault. The suspect failed to disperse as cops tried to clear the streets, and then picked up a live tear gas canister that officers fired to move the crowd and hurled it back at the cops.

Additionally, Becton also announced she would prosecute two anti-BLM protesters for a hate crime after they painted over the “Black Lives Matter” mural painted on the street in front of the courthouse.

“We must address the root and byproduct of systemic racism in our country. The Black Lives Matter movement is an important civil rights cause that deserves all of our attention,” she said.

She also unilaterally banned police from utilizing the sleeper hold when making arrests, taking away a key tool police have to subdue suspects. 

In St. Louis, Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner has announced she will prosecute local lawyers Mark and Patricia McCloskey. The McCloskeys are renowned for being photographed outside their ritzy home holding guns as angry BLM protesters, who had broken into their private gated community, marched down the street. The couple maintained the demonstrators threatened them and their property. 

In early June, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt lashed out at Gardner after she released three dozen suspected looters following a Floyd-protest riot. “There wasn’t one person looting and rioting and shooting at police officers that could have been charged? It’s absurd,” Schmitt told local media.

In Philadelphia, District Attorney Larry Krasner chose to issue citations to roughly half the hundreds of looters police corralled during the riots.    

In Chicago, State Attorney Kim Foxx opted not to prosecute thousands of arrests for what she termed “minor offenses” related to riots. She attributed the unrest to “righteous anger” and “collective grief” over Floyd’s death and praised those who were “standing against years of racial injustice,” according to local media. 

Foxx also implemented a policy regarding violent offenses – such as assault, resisting arrest, battery, mob action, and aggravated battery to a police officer – that there would be a “‘presumption against proceeding’ unless there’s body or dash cam footage available, or if a police officer is the complainant.” In other words, if it’s not on tape, it didn’t happen. 

Meanwhile, The New York Times reported that between June 20 and July 5 nine children under 18 were shot to death in a wave of violence that has resulted in nearly twice as many murder victims in Chicago as in New York, even though the Big Apple has three times the population. “The Windy City is becoming the Bloody City,” a local minister, the Rev. Michael L. Pfleger, told the Times. He described this moment as “the worst period in the 45 years he has worked on social issues.”

In Houston, District Attorney Kim Ogg tossed nearly 800 total criminal charges filed against 600 people after Floyd-related protests. In a statement, Ogg said, “Prosecutors conducted a review that divided the cases between those people who sought to do harm others (sic) and property vs. those arrested for simple civil disobedience. … The cases dismissed were for non-violent misdemeanor offenses, mostly obstructing a highway and trespassing.”

“While probable cause existed for the arrests of those people who refused to disperse after being ordered to do so by police, our young prosecutors worked hard to identify the few offenders who came to inflict harm on others and intentional damage to property. … With the dismissals, the people whose cases were dismissed no longer charged don’t face the prospect of being saddled with a criminal prosecution that could jeopardize future educational, employment and other opportunities.” 

So down in Houston, hundreds of people menacing the public by trespassing and blocking highways is OK, so long as it’s done for the progressive reason. The McCloskeys and those who have been pulled from vehicles and attacked might beg to differ.

Conservatives must understand that George Soros is working hard and spending big to cripple the judicial system by helping elect prosecutors who believe the phony “mass incarceration” narrative and see police, not criminals, as the true threat to peace and order. After police, these people are on the front lines of protecting the public, yet Soros’s choices are making law-abiding Americans prey for the criminal class.

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  1. Jojodmonkey July 14, 2020

    The antichrist Soros has backed many ne-garrrr ho prostituters to destroy our country! They punish the law abiding patriotic American citizens and release the scumbag communist colored people to prey on the innocent! Ayala, dyrer , the drug gang royalty demmings, the
    Morgan’s and many, many more corrupt democrats are working to destroy our great city and country! It will be a great day when we see these scumbags swinging from the end of a rope!

  2. Alan July 14, 2020

    Isn;t there a warrant out for the arrest and deportation of Soros by his land of birth??

  3. Crackerjack July 14, 2020

    Why is that nut Soros still here he should b gone give his sorry butt to Hungary

  4. Demonangel July 14, 2020

    What do we want? Soros in custody! When do we want it? Now! Anybody know how to get rid of this plague? Just sayin’.

  5. Yarbles July 14, 2020

    “It was always the women and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the party, the swallowers of slogans”
    George Orwell 1984

  6. Susan Wright July 14, 2020

    George Soros is one of the evilest men on the face of the earth. He hates our country and has proven time and again that he will go to any length to destroy us

  7. Susan Wright July 14, 2020

    Indeed there is!

  8. ROBERT July 14, 2020

    they put faces on the n word.including soros.

  9. Marie July 14, 2020

    I just wish that Covid -19 would hit him and any of his offsprings. Best birth control ever! Just saying …………

  10. Albert Kunz July 14, 2020

    WHY is Soros not in custody & why is he allowed to keep doing this ?

  11. Donald Cook July 14, 2020

    If there was a Good Justice System, he would be in Prison or better yet, He would be Dead for the Crimes, He has Committed.

  12. JC July 15, 2020

    This corrupt SOB needs to be shipped back to his country of origin for them to deal with trash. We would not have this POS if it wasn’t for the sex retarded husband of Hillary the Witch, good old slick willy himself…Bill Clinton.

  13. MARC CAMP July 15, 2020

    Why is this old goat still alive?

  14. edi July 16, 2020

    The Dems need him. Hildebeast said so.

  15. Josey yahoo July 16, 2020

    I tried a “GO Fund Me” to get a bounty placed on Soros but they said it’s not allowed. Sad the way they take sides!

  16. Just Donna July 17, 2020

    Funny how the left refers to Trump and conservatives as Nazis, yes old George Working-With-The-Nazis-Was-The-Best-Time-Of-My-Life-Soros isn’t even mentioned.

  17. Joan Goodson July 24, 2020

    What can be done to get rid of this guy. We know he is wealthy and the scum of the earth, but he needs to be stopped! He also needs to be revealed to the dems who think he is wonderful because they don’t know who he really is. What can be done to stop this evil man?

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