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Feds help Portland PD break up riots

The Portland Police Department (PPD) declared demonstrations in the downtown area a “riot” last night, before using force to disperse the crowd, according to a series of Twitter posts made by the department previous to using force. After the rioters reassembled, federal agents dispersed them again.

“Police had repeatedly warned hundreds of demonstrators to vacate the area after they had gathered at the 1800 block of North Lombard Street near the Portland Police Association building on Monday night,” reports Newsweek.

Protesters had been constructing make-shift barricades, attempting to set up an “autonomous zone” that forbids police inside the zone in the same way that Seattle protesters had kept cops at bay for weeks earlier this summer.

The Seattle autonomous zone devolved into a dangerous area that saw numerous crimes including two murders before police broke it up.

“Police said they removed some of the barricade at Southwest 3rd Avenue and Southwest Salmon Street” in Portland last night, says KATU News 2, “but demonstrators returned to the area and reportedly threw glass bottles at officers. The group rebuilt the barricade.”  

A Twitter post from the Portland Police department detailed some of the items thrown by protesters, such as: paint, ball bearings and glass bottles, calling the assaults “criminal acts.”

“[G]et out of the street or you are subject to arrest, force, or munitions,” said the PPD, later warning that tear gas might be used.

Police arrested five while clearing out the protesters around about 2:45 a.m.

After the PPD departed, the rioters immediately reassembled but were then dispersed by federal agents using canister-fired irritants.  

Local police are not allowed to use tear gas or other irritants because of a court-order that forbids the practice.  

Protesters have converged on downtown Portland for 47 nights straight as a result of the George Floyd murder in Minneapolis. However, police say that mixed in with legitimate protests, there is a great deal of illegitimate crime and mayhem that have local police at the breaking point.  

“Quite frankly, this is not sustainable,” said Deputy Chief Chris Davis last week. “There’s a very big difference between protests and the kind of mayhem that we’ve seen every night. … The Black Lives Matter movement is not violent. The story that we’re going to talk about today is about a small group of agitators that is attempting to hijack that message and use it as a cover for criminal activity.”

So far, Portland businesses have lost more than $23 million in damages and lost customers since the protests began.  

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  1. Gary July 15, 2020

    Bring in the paddy wagons and take them by large groups
    . Fence them in in an open field with armed guards all around. Bring a judge in in the morning find them all guilty then put hem out on a chain gang.

  2. Robert Cooney July 15, 2020

    The Mayor of Portland has declined Federal help and his position should be honored immediately by the President with the the Federal troops only allowed to defend Federal Buildings if attacked by rioters. This would allow the rioters to go ahead and burn whatever public buildings the Mayor refuses to defend and he can then assume responsibility for the destruction and provide the required funds to repair any damage done. If he chooses mob rule his administration can pay for it. This seems fair to me and should be initiated immediately. I can only believe then the Mayor and City Council will get what they wish for.. I can only remark, beware what you wish for.

  3. Tim Kuehl July 15, 2020

    I’ve read about some of the new weapons our military has developed that immobilizes targets without permanent side effects. Use them on these traitorous anarchists.

  4. Demonangel July 15, 2020

    Another blue state bites the dust. So what. They brought it upon themselves. Let it burn. Then from the ashes build a brand new red state that will stand forever. Who’s next? Chicago? New York? Cali? Seattle is already a lost cause. Let’s see how “silent” the silent majority is come January. Just sayun’.

  5. Katman July 15, 2020

    Sound weapons which is 5G burns the skin & the people MUST move or are fried!
    When protestors turn violent & destroy property they are NO LONGER protestors –
    they are criminals – fry their asses!

  6. B July 15, 2020

    the Mayor and City Council will get what they wish for.. But the citizens will get to pay for all of this through higher taxes ! !

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