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Trump says Democrat-led cities are like war zones

President Donald Trump strongly hinted that federal intervention may be coming to major U.S. cities that the president says have become war zones.

“The left-wing group of people that are running cities are not doing the job they’re supposed to be doing,” said Trump. “It’s not a very tough job to do if they knew what they were doing. We’ll probably have an announcement next week as to what we’re planning to do to help them.”

Trump pointed to Seattle and Minneapolis as examples of poor, Democratic leadership.

“They’ve been run very poorly,” he said. “We had the National Guard go in and as soon as they did that, we straightened that mess out. They should have been able to do locally with their police. The police are good. They were told not to do anything.”

The president’s comments are in reference to leaders in Minneapolis who allowed massive riots to engulf the city after the murder of George Floyd. Additionally, leaders in Seattle took a relaxed approach to the CHOP Zone that protesters established in the city.  

“They are like war zones,” Trump said. “And if the cities are not going to straighten out, or local politicians … they’re all Democrats. They’re all liberal, left-wing Democrats and it’s almost like they think it is going to be this way forever.”


Trump faced pushback from some Democrats when he called the National Guard into Washington, D.C. to stop destruction at the hands of protesters. The World War II Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and even a historic church were vandalized. The protests quickly faded away with the presence of the guard members.

“My administration has fought for safe streets,” Trump said. “We want security for our people. We want the rule of law. We want law and order.”

When Trump was asked what could be expected as a possible federal response, he said that he would share that in great detail next week and that he believes it is something that the American people want to see.

“They’re supposed to be asking for help and they don’t want to ask, so maybe they’re proud or maybe they think it’s bad politically, but we can’t have happen what’s happening. We’re going to straighten things out,” Trump said.

The unrest in cities across the nation continues with protesters taking to the streets pushing the Defund the Police movement.

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  1. Larry July 15, 2020

    That is what the Democrats want

  2. Gerald Cline July 15, 2020

    Name ONE “Republican” run major city in the US were the rioters are out of control.

  3. B July 15, 2020

    I live in Minneapolis, I hope the guard comes in with a big net, collects all of these people and ships them off to where there utopia is ! !
    They are allowed, by the politicians, who tell the police to sit on there hands and let these protesters do what ever they want and the tax paying citizens get to pay the bill for the politicians allowing them to destroy every thing and block major highways and walk free ? ?

  4. Julia Ousley July 16, 2020

    He needs to go to Chicago and Detroit ALSO my Mich Democrat govenor keeps making laws she has know right without state representative VOTE said she would keep us like down till election if she had to..we FINIALLY got the petition to have her RECALL but if we don’t get 1 MILLION signitures.who know. $500 fine if we don where mask she now forcing retailer to do there part

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