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Smithsonian museum says objective thinking is a sign of ‘whiteness’


Andrew Kerr on July 15, 2020

A taxpayer-funded museum in Washington D.C. says on its website that objective thinking, self-reliance and planning for the future are among the signs of whiteness that have permeated throughout American culture.

Whiteness and the normalization of white racial identity in America has “created a culture where nonwhite persons are seen as inferior or abnormal,” according to an article published by the National Museum of African American History & Culture (NMAAHC).

Aspects of whiteness and white culture include an “emphasis on the scientific method,” which involves “objective, rational linear thinking,” “cause and effect relationships,” and “quantitative emphasis,” according to a graphic created by the museum.

The NMAAHC is a member of the Smithsonian Institute, which bills itself as the largest museum, education and research complex in the world. The Smithsonian Institute received $1 billion in federal funding for its 2020 fiscal year, a figure that comprises 62% of its budget, according to its website.

Other aspects of whiteness include planning for the future, delayed gratification, valuation of time as a commodity, decision-making, self-reliance and politeness, according to the NMAAHC graphic.

As white culture has been “normalized” in the United States, “all Americans have adopted various aspects of white culture, including people of color,” the museum states.

The museum warned that the dominance of white culture in America “leads to an internalized racial superiority for those who adhere to it,” and said a key step to ending racism is for white people to acknowledge their “white racial identity and its privileges.”

The NMAAHC added that being white “does not mean you haven’t experienced hardships or oppression,” but it does mean white people “have not faced hardships or oppression based on the color of your skin.”

“We need to be honest about the ways white people have benefited from racism so we can work toward an equitable, fair and just society,” the museum wrote.

The article on whiteness was published as part of the museum’s “Talking About Race” project, which was launched in late May following the police-custody death of George Floyd, who died after a Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his neck for more than eight minutes, according to video of the incident.

The NMAAHC project flew under the radar until Claremont Institute President Ryan Williams highlighted its article on whiteness in a tweet Monday evening.

The project pulled research from nearly a dozen experts on race, equality and inclusion, the most notable being Robin DiAngelo, the author of “White Fragility,” which shot to the top of bestselling lists following Floyd’s death.

The NMAAHC did not immediately return a request for comment.

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  1. Avatar
    MikefromTexas July 15, 2020

    How ca so many white people think its wrong to be white, like we choose to be white. God scattered the 12 tribes of Isreal, gave them different languages and different looks. So we’re all related. Seems like they want a civil war.

  2. Avatar
    Dan Winright July 15, 2020

    Wasn’t it WHITE GUYS that built the Smithsonian?
    I’m pretty sure the WHITE GUYS built America too.
    Hey. It was WHITE GUYS that built cars and motorcycles. What can black and brown guys claim.
    Slavery and tacos?

  3. Avatar
    Donald Cook July 15, 2020

    All I can say, is that if the Blacks, would not have been Bred by the White Slave owners, they would not have very much Common Sense. Just look at what and where, you would be, if you was still in Africa. If White is so wrong, why do the Blacks want to be like us?

  4. Avatar
    Gary July 15, 2020

    Why doesn’t someone publish the truth about what has been holding the blacks back.It is the democrats. They keep giving them enough handouts so they don’t have to work but will never do very well. After an election they hear nothing from the democrats. When it gets near election the democrats tell them we will give you more handouts to get them to vote democratic. That is the democratic way to keep the blacks enslaved. After all it is a fact that the democrats that were the slave owners. They never wanted to give them up so they found another way to keep them as slaves.

  5. Avatar
    Louisa Swanson July 15, 2020

    So if being white is being good, honest, polite, having values, good manners, willing to work for a living…what is that saying to the blacks?!
    That in order to be considered black you have to be rude, nasty, lazy, and dishonest?!?!
    Don;t tell that to any of the black families in MY neighborhood. According to this article, they’re ALL secretly white, including my across-the-street neighbor and a prominent member of my church!
    If I were black myself I’d be super offended!!!

  6. Avatar
    Just Donna July 15, 2020

    The traits of “whiteness” are listed, but nowhere do I see a list of aspects for “blackness” or “brownness”. Personally, I think it’s a bunch of bull. There are whites who don’t adhere to those aspects listed, and others of color who do. But we must put labels on people, and make sure those labels stick so we can NEVER settle this so-called racism. If I were a black woman, I’d want to have a good talking to with your mother!

  7. Avatar
    Phillip C Gleason July 15, 2020

    Who is in charge at the Smithsonian, antifa? Black lives matter? Obama?
    Last time I heard, the United States IS a predominantly white culture! To say that is wrong and somehow whites are to apologize is stupid!
    Everyone here has the same rights as everyone. If the anarchists, the leftists, or the bulk of the democrats believe blacks or anyone should have more rights, they can leave this country, now! And good riddance

  8. Avatar
    Fhockey July 15, 2020

    Pull all federal funds and let them go broke

  9. Avatar
    Crackerjack July 15, 2020

    I’m white and proud of it I don’t apologize for nothing that happened 200 hundred years ago I had nothing to do that so suck it up buttercup and get over it

  10. Avatar
    Mike Wukitsch July 15, 2020

    This is typical of the race baiters…trying to drive a wedge between self-respecting blacks and whites. It’s the only way for these race baiters to maintain their lofty positions and be able to “lord it over” other blacks. As long as these agitators have a voice and are listened to we will have stress between the races…it started with Obama and is exacerbated by the BLM (Burn-Loot-Murder) crowd of Marxist thugs.

  11. Avatar
    Jojodmonkey July 15, 2020

    President Trump should shout down the Smithsonian Immediately! They are supposed to be a curator of history, not a political action committee for the communist!

  12. Avatar
    bruce kunde July 15, 2020

    “The project pulled research from nearly a dozen experts on race” That list is probably amusing Al Sharpton, Rev Wright, ?

  13. Avatar
    Tim Kuehl July 15, 2020

    From reading this article I learned the National Museum of African American History & Culture apparently believes that only White people are responsible and civil human beings and people who don’t identify as being “White” are no good, lazy, rude, disrespectful, etc. parasites. That’s their assessment, not mine.

  14. Avatar
    Demonangel July 15, 2020

    Maybe that’s because blacks are rarely objective and they hardly ever think. Could be they are afraid they’ll turn white. Just sayin’.

  15. Avatar
    David S July 15, 2020

    A simple response is if you are black and feel this way, go back to your motherland, your roots if you will. Why make all these ridiculous “observations” and stay where it bothers you. I will not change who I am, my heritage, my upbringing, my beliefs and the very roots of my morality because some idiot thinks they have an answer. If you want segregated beliefs, then go back to your homeland, but why on earth did so many fight for desegregation if you want it? I think it speaks to your stupidity. Whites will not change to be black just because you have a skewed sense of reality. In essence, I’m betting you got your job from some liberal cuckold!

  16. Avatar
    Bothered Bob July 15, 2020

    I believe this is another shovel-full of horse dung. Why is it we see (on TV) that the most illogical and emotional rioters are white, and the worst offenders are white, GenX females? That is, aside from the baby white boys who emerge from their parents’ basements to don black garb, elbow and knee pads, black facemasks, and think they’re tough in a mob? And of course there are also people of all other colors mixed in with Antifa and BLM, and they are very useful tools. . .pawns, as it were. . .for the movements financed by the Marxists, Soros, and the DNC. But that’s just my opinion. My opinion also includes the Smithsonian should stay out of politics.

  17. Avatar
    Bill Walters July 15, 2020

    With all the discussion about racism, systemic racism(?), poverty, and poor neighborhoods; there is rarely any discussion by commentators, (white & black), about the consequence of the African-American community for the fact that about 70% of the families only have one parent. The odds are against the children, especially males, that they will have a fighting chance to overcome their environment and succeed. This is where hopelessness and frustration live. What we are seeing now in the streets are the symptoms of a far bigger problem. And lastly, I agree with a previous comment that we can lay much of this at the feet of the Democratic party, going way back many generations. If you want to find out how, read the book, “Death Of A Nation” by Dinesh D’Souza.

  18. Avatar
    Jean Watson July 15, 2020

    Being white does not mean we don’t experience prejudice.. When I lived in South Texas along the Mexican border I found that the affluent Mexicans We’re prejudiced against white, and darker skinned Mexicans. They felt the blacks were lower. I had been naïve enough to have believed that only white people were prejudiced but now I know that prejudice is part of the human race. As far as those other qualities given in the article I find that all people regardless of racer skin color possess them.. I think poverty limits a persons believe in the future and affects decision-making for a now attitude because they don’t believe things can be different or obtainable..

  19. Avatar
    Sam R July 15, 2020

    Are they saying the black and hispanic people are not able to think objectively? That is probably the most racist thing I have heard in a long time!!!

  20. Avatar
    Ric Parks July 15, 2020

    Yohimbe and tequila.

  21. Avatar
    Maralee Kilts July 15, 2020

    Wow, that’s is one of the most hateful things I’ve heard. Putting down the people of color like that is astonishing 😲 you are basically saying they are not smart enough, wow 😳

  22. Avatar
    Uncle Albert July 15, 2020

    If this pile of horse dung isn’t a slap at Dr. George Washington Carver, I don’t know what is !
    And a friend that has put his two sons thru college (one is now a M.D. the other has a MS in Mech. Engineering !) will take GREAT UMBRAGE at it ! He has bragged that his 2 boys are educated enough, and pay so much in taxes that they will NEVER vote Demorat !
    This is, without a doubt, one of the MOST racist items I’ve ever read !

  23. Avatar
    Regine July 16, 2020

    Smithsonian Institute: take my name off your donor list

  24. Avatar
    Terry July 16, 2020

    So, the Smithsonian is now a follower of white supremacy theory? I mean, those are good things that all Americans should aspire to but they make sound like only whites can reach that level.

  25. Avatar
    AmericanPatriot July 16, 2020

    Listing these qualities of whiteness seems like a pretty positive list of qualities to me. Anyone possessing these I would see as most admirable. In fact this is the way God meant for his people to live and act. So what’s wrong with this? Where are the qualities of the crybabies of other colors of people? Since things are so terrible here WHY do folks from so many other countries want to come here?
    Other so called races resident here would do well to emulate the white folks Godly and positive qualities.

  26. Avatar
    mike July 16, 2020

    What do these critics want? I’m a black man who firmly believes in the values these idiotic fools want to trash. Deny them your payroll, any place of influence, any public outreach under your name. This is intellectually criminal.

  27. Avatar
    Bemused Berserker July 16, 2020

    Cut off all Federal funding to the Smithsonian. Federal Aid is whiteness personified (sarcasm using the Lefts rationale).

  28. Avatar
    Bubba July 16, 2020

    This is the crap that needs to be defunded!!!

  29. Avatar
    DALE ODOM July 16, 2020

    What a load of crap !!! I want all race qualities listed !!! Defund the Smithsonian !!!

  30. Avatar
    J July 16, 2020

    Boy do I wish I could stop paying taxes, especially to this shit hole museum!

  31. Avatar
    Linda July 16, 2020

    Well, I am white and I have experienced racism. And it’s been an African American who projected this racism. I don’t care the color of your skin, it’s the conduct of your character. And NMAAHC, to be polite, to strive to be good and prosperous is not a sign of whiteness. It’s called decency. Everyone should strive to be that. And by the way, I have worked all my life to have the kind of life I wish. Nothing ever was handed to me. I am grateful for what I have.

    And NMAAHC, you are racist for the article you wrote. It comes through loud and clear. We plan on going to DC in the next year or so and the Smithsonian is on our list of places to visit. I can assure you that I will not be visiting your racist museum.

  32. Avatar
    Gary Hull July 16, 2020

    Certainly sounds like a racist Marxist is on staff at a tax payer funded facility. This calls for immediate dismissal.

  33. Avatar
    RobL July 16, 2020

    Let’s face it, Bunch is the problem.

  34. Avatar
    RobL July 16, 2020

    In case you didn’t know, just a month ago, Lonnie Bunch, a black moron if ever there was one, clearly one who doesn’t think objectively, took over the 20 odd museums under the Smithsonian umbrella as Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. He is as incompetent as the day is long. Peter Principle, and skin color have moved him up the ladder. This is EXACTLY when things began to deteriorate in this very disgusting direction.

  35. Avatar
    John Rupert July 16, 2020

    Great Article & Comments. I was born in Little Rock Arkansas in 1958 as the youngest son of a French-Cajun-Creole & Irish family from Louisiana, and a Scottish & Dutch-Bavarian family from Baltimore Maryland. I saw some bad things happen in Arkansas during the Civil Rights Movement & The Cold War. In looking back, my family was a bit busy in “The Doughnut Hole”, surrounded by Titan II Nuclear Missile Silos vibrating the ground beneath our feet as the good & decent black & Hispanic men & women in the US Air Force slept on or near the Base Flight-line for those 13-Days in October 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. For the most part, & like here in California, there are still a lot of good & decent people there, of all walks of life. On our summer trips to Baltimore, I witnessed the hard-earned wealth of the upper-East Coast, when the late John Sawhill (The Nature Conservancy) tossed a football back & forth to me on his then law school home-study breaks. On trips to Louisiana, the poverty was indisputable, and so, mostly contained & controlled by the Democrat Party Leadership there. By 1968, my Father received his last USAF Foreign Deployment to Cigli AFB Turkey on the Kennedy-Khrushchev Accord, & I went along with my parents for that experience. There, in August 1969, as a young boy in the height of anti-Americanism on Muslim soil, I watched 2 Muslim Citizens murdered in front of me & 11 other Americans. One of those Muslims – our AAFFEES Bus Driver & friend, gave his own life that day to save ours. My Father always maintained that, to the contrary of Democrats (who founded Slavery & the KKK), we were different as Republicans/Conservatives, because our job was to protect those less fortunate, who don’t have the necessary tools to protect themselves against the predatory acts of others. As decent/honest Intelligence Experts maintain, consistent with EPOCH Times Senior Investigative Reporter Joshua Philipp stated a few days ago, Communist-China’s long-time Aggression’s since The Cold War, now termed Wolfe Warrior Project, project’s its own faults & failures on its adversaries. This is also consistent with the U.S. Democrat Party Leadership, with California at the helm. Its also exactly why Communist-China wants to re-install their long-time supporters – The Clinton-Obama Trojan-Horse & its Manchurian Candidate Joe Biden back into office to Seal their Trans-Pacific Trade-Partnership/New Silk Road/Global Belt Way Initiative in stone. This is exactly why Democrat Party Leadership is attacking POTUS Donald Trump, and now they have George Soros officially funding the Race-Card Campaign – all in continued effort to derail our Duly Elected President Trump. Its the biggest, baddest, most notorious case of Extortion and Abuse of Powers in our Nation’s History – and Democrat Party Leadership is projecting their own faults & failures on US. In pattern, the CCP Virus appears to have been no accident. My Uncle Great Uncle Richard was a lifetime Senior Seismologist and or Geologist & With EPOCH Times as America’s Voice, God Help US All against what is to come. Thank you for giving me a voice as I await my Ticket to the GJ.

  36. Avatar
    John Rupert July 16, 2020

    Supplemental Edit: “My Uncle Great Uncle Richard up East was a lifetime Senior Seismologist and or Geologist” with Smithsonian Magazine and predicted the 1980 Mount St. Helens Eruption. I wonder what his analysis of this Communist-China Clinton-Obama-Biden Trojan-Horse (in Stone) & his predictions would be. One thing’s for certain; if Biden is elected, we’ll All be forced to shut down our businesses & placed in hard labor, will be Busting Rocks for the Communists Government’s Global Beltway that extends via the NAFTA Super Highway from their Nicaraguan Canal Zone Project, thru Mexico, & right across our border. Does it now make sense why Communist-Chinese Investors are buying up real estate to lay claim to that long-anticipated US Infrastructure-Takeover?

  37. Avatar
    1tymtrvlr July 18, 2020

    You need to know just one thing, the white race makes up about 9.5% of the Earth’s population. What the white race has accomplished since we etched out our place in America is, that, everyone really wants what we built, they just don’t want to have to work for it. So, I am proud that I am mostly white, I do have some of that supposedly indigenous blood in me due to a great grandpappy messing around with an Abenaki women.

  38. Avatar
    Dona July 20, 2020

    Well said, from another Dona

  39. Avatar
    Dona July 20, 2020

    Well said, from another Dona


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