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Trump: ‘Joe Biden will abolish the American way of life’

President Donald Trump has a warning for the American people: Joe Biden will abolish the American way of life if he becomes president.

On Wednesday, Trump tweeted that Biden is in favor of abolishing the police, immigration and customs enforcement and the Second Amendment.

“Joe Biden and the Radical Left want to Abolish Police, Abolish ICE, Abolish Bail, Abolish Suburbs, Abolish the 2nd Amendment – and Abolish the American Way of Life. No one will be SAFE in Joe Biden’s America,” the president tweeted.

The message comes in response to Biden’s Unity Task Force, which was established along with his former opponent self-proclaimed socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I). The task force has recommended the elimination of the use of cash bail and promises to change immigration enforcement policies. It has also put forth a variety of gun control measures and changes to charter schools.

“The Biden-Sanders unity plan takes a sledgehammer to charter schools, punishing students for their zip codes. No one will be SAFE in Joe Biden’s America,” tweeted Trump.

Biden has been ignoring the attacks from Trump and instead continues to hit the president on his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Biden says Trump is the worst possible person to lead the country through this moment.

“This pandemic has gotten bad enough that even Donald Trump finally decided to wear a mask in public. I’m glad he made that shift — but it’s not enough. We need real presidential leadership. Right now,” Biden tweeted.

The former vice president says that unlike Trump he would actually listen to the experts and heed their advice, not silence them.

Trump campaign national spokesman echoed the president’s concerns about Biden.

“He’ll pop out of his basement every once in a while to say ‘Defund the police!'” Gidley said. “Our jobs aren’t safe, families aren’t safe, and our American way of life is not safe. Joe Biden is waging war on all three.”

National polls show Biden tightening the race with Trump even leading in some states. Republicans claim that the polling is flawed and that Biden won’t be able to hide from the media and the public forever. Some top Democrats, on the other hand, have embraced the strategy of keeping Biden out of the spotlight and instead have urged him to continue using digital channels to reach voters.

Almost all national polling had Trump losing the 2016 election. The president’s campaign continues to point to that fact when accused of being down in the polls.

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