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Trump, MO Gov, vow to protect St. Louis couple’s gun rights

President Trump has vowed to use federal authority to stand up for a couple that was widely seen on social media protecting their home from Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters.

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson said he talked to Trump before a daily coronavirus news conference. He claims that the president assured him that he’d do everything he could as president to help the couple who, he says, is being unjustly investigated by the Soros-funded, progressive prosecutor in St. Louis.

“He understands the situation in St. Louis and how out of control it is for a prosecutor to let violent criminals off and not do their job and try to attack law-abiding citizens,” Parson said.

Trump and Parson have an ally in Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley (R), who called the St. Louis prosecutor’s action “an abuse of power.”

“This morning I have asked the Department of Justice to open a civil rights investigation into the St Louis Circuit Attorneys Office. Targeting law abiding citizens who exercise constitutionally protected rights for investigation & prosecution is an abuse of power,” tweeted Hawley.

The prosecutor, Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner, meanwhile, is alleging that she’s getting “death threats” by supporters of the couple, oblivious to the irony that perhaps the couple felt threatened when protesters broke onto their property.

Gardner, a progressive Democrat who has received at least $190,750 from ultra-progressive George Soros, went so far as to evoke KKK imagery when speaking about Trump’s support of the couple.

“This is a modern-day night ride, and everybody knows it,” Gardner said in an interview with The Washington Post, referring to KKK attempts to cow blacks by riding horses through their neighborhoods with torches. “And for a president to participate in it, in the larger context of racism and cronyism, is scary.”

Parson addressed the larger question of criminality that has sprung from local and state leaders around the country who have not aggressively enforced the law in the face of protesters who have not obeyed the laws when protesting.

“Tomorrow we will be in a special session. We will be talking about violent crime and the changes that need to be made. Things have to change in this state. If people are going to take an oath, like I did as a Sheriff. You need to serve justice equally for all and you need to abide by the laws of the constitution,” said Gov. Parson.

WalletHub recently ranked St Louis the most dangerous city in America, outstripping Detroit for that honor.

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  1. Susan Wright July 16, 2020

    While I believe death threats against Gardner are just as evil as she is by her acceptance of money from a man like Soros whose only intention is to destroy our country, there is no justification for those threats (if, of course she is telling the truth which is clearly questionable) these people have every right to stand up and defend their lives and property.

  2. Diogenes July 16, 2020

    Re: Black Lives Matter, an organization founded by Marxists and currently headed by a woman who was convicted in terrorist attacks that resulted in the death of an armored-car guard and police officer, sentenced to life without parole but pardoned by Blue Dress Bill Clinton in the last hours of his presidency. BLM has cowed the famous and major corporations, and had people fired for saying “All lives matter.” Who’s next? Reminds me of a similar situation in Germany in the 1930s. “They came for the Jews, but I didn’t do anything because I am not a Jew. Then they came for the gypsies, but again I did nothing because I am not a gypsy. Then they came for their political opponents, but I did nothing because I was not into politics. Then they came for me.”

  3. Demonangel July 16, 2020

    When I was a kid my mother always said, “Do as I say not as I do”. I guess she was a dem because that seems to be just one of their go-to mottos. The others don’t matter, they are just as one sided and at this point very few people are paying attention. The “silent majority” is starting to clear it’s throat. Not only are we no longer silent but we’re packing. Just sayin’.

  4. uncle albert July 17, 2020

    Trump said that he backs the 2nd Amendment, and backs the police.
    He’s now proving that he IS a champion for the rights of citizens in favor of the criminal/terrorist element !
    Trump 2020 !
    Supported by the NRA & police.
    One for the good guys !

  5. Just Donna July 19, 2020

    So now the gun-toting “protesters” know that the guns have been seized from the McCloskey household. Brilliant. And is Gardner investigating and seizing the weapons of the “protesters” who were packing??? Nope, they weren’t even considered. And her reference to the KKK is laughable. Isn’t that what the “protesters” were doing that evening on that private street????

  6. JR July 23, 2020

    Kimberly Gardner needs to be be stopped in her harassment of this couple. She is working for George Soros. If she is allowed to ruin this couple, she will do this to anyone else who wants to protect their property from the terrorist who want to destroy them. She should be focusing on the group that came to their house. I am glad Trump and Governor Parsons are willing to stand up to stop this kind of injustice.

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