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Ghislaine Maxwell must survive one year in jail as bail denied

A federal judge denied bail to socialite gal-pal of suspected child predator Jeffery Epstein but seemed in no hurry to commence the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell. The trial was set for July 2021.

The date means that Maxwell will have to survive in prison for more than a year before her trial starts.

By contrast, Epstein made it only one month in the same federal jail before his apparent suicide, which, while unsurprising, sparked widespread outrage, primarily because Epstein was supposed to be supervised to prevent his death. The federal prosecutors in the case, including Maurene Comey, daughter of disgraced FBI chief James Comey, claimed a technical glitch destroyed the video evidence in the case.

The case has fueled the validity of conspiracy theories and further eroded trust in government at a time where trust in government is already at an all-time low.

As a result, Sports Book Advisor is currently calculating odds that Maxwell will make it to trial without dying as: Yes (145); No (-170).

That means to make $145 on Maxwell dying, one would have to bet $100 and to make $100 on Maxwell living until trial one would have to bet $170.

The website only published the odds as demonstrative of people’s distrust of government, not as an actual wager.

Bail was denied to Maxwell by the judge because the socialite’s wealth and international connections make her a flight risk.

“Prosecutors had urged the judge to order detention for Maxwell, saying her wealth — with numerous bank accounts containing as much as $20 million,” says CNN, “according to court filings; multiple foreign citizenships, including in France, which doesn’t extradite its citizens; and skill at hiding made her an ‘extreme’ risk of flight.”

The prosecutors also cited the Maxwell’s attempts to avoid arrest, which involved disguises, using false names and anonymous bank accounts.

Her attorneys asked for $5 million in bail and GPS monitoring, which would allow her to stay at home while the trial was pending.

Maxwell has been accused by multiple people of grooming and luring young girls to have sex with Epstein, and even participating in some orgies with the girls herself. Epstein was known for his flamboyant lifestyle which included friendships with some of the world’s most powerful people including Prince Andrew, former President Bill Clinton, former Sen. George Mitchell and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

Some of the men have been accused of having sex with Epstein’s stable of young girls. The public, rightly, is afraid that powerful interests will prevent Maxwell from fully cooperating in the investigation one way or another.   

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  1. Bobby Sexton July 16, 2020

    It is obviou either the judge is ignorant
    Or doesn’t want her to live. Any nimcoop
    Could have done better at scheduling a
    Court date. I guess epstein isn’t the only
    Person that has friends in high places huh
    Judge. I would wonder what the judge prosecutor and i’m sure many more are going to make when she dies.

  2. Pat July 16, 2020

    They better guard her like they are guarding their own family. We need her to tell us about everyone. They can say Epstein did himself in but everyone knows better. Put her under bullet proof glass. If not they will do same to her just so she can’t talk. Those young people that were abused needs to come forward and tell everything they know. America needs to know who all the perverts are.

  3. uncle albert July 17, 2020

    One year is not a “speedy trial”. Arkincide becomes more of a possibility with each passing day.
    Only if she has multiple copies of incriminating tapes, and trustworthy people to release them en mass if she dies, does she stand a chance of making trial.
    If she makes it to trial, she can plead the 5th and everybody walks. OR she can spill her guts TOTALLY & get everybody locked up that would have her whackked, and go into hiding forever. She’s got enough in assets she wouldn’t NEED the witless protection plan, and would no doubt do better without it, given the number of snakes in the system !

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