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Former White House physician Ronny Jackson wins Texas House runoff

Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson may have gotten his revenge on Tuesday.

Jackson, the former White House physician, won a runoff election to claim the Republican nomination for a U.S. House seat in Texas that is up for grabs in November. Jackson seeks to replace longtime GOP Rep. Mac Thornberry, who is retiring.

Jackson, who was endorsed by President Donald Trump, stands a solid chance of beating his Democratic opponent. The Associated Press described Thornberry’s district as “deeply red.”

If Jackson prevails, it likely will be a bit of sweet revenge for the doctor.

Jackson had been part of the White House medical staff under President George W. Bush and Barack Obama. But it was his physical exam of Trump that earned him a mountain of derision, which stuck with Jackson.

In January 2018, Jackson declared Trump physically capable of handling the rigors of the Oval Office, despite the doc’s recommendation that the president dial back the fast food and exercise more. He attributed then-71-year-old Trump’s soundness to “good genes.”

More importantly, Jackson administered Trump a cognitive test to measure his mental agility. On that score, he declared Trump fit, even as liberals bandied about using the 25th Amendment to toss Trump out.       

The 25th Amendment permits two-thirds of Congress to consider removing the president if the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet vote that he or she is no longer capable of executing the duties of office.

Jackson’s assessment of Trump did not sit well with the liberal media. CNN medical analyst Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who had no way of examining Trump himself, second-guessed Jackson to his face during the briefing. Snarky Washington Post lefty columnist Dana Milbank asked “Is Trump’s doctor OK?” after severely doubting the physician’s rosy judgment of Trump’s health. After Jackson reported the president in sound health in 2019, a writer at The Atlantic said the doctor’s continued positive diagnoses meant “the credibility of the presidential health-assessment process and the professionals involved have entered a free fall.”

Two months after his controversial report on Trump’s annual physical, the president nominated Jackson to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Critics pointed out that Jackson lacked sufficient experience in administration or health care policy to run the federal government’s second-largest agency. Fair enough.

But what torpedoed Jackson, who withdrew from consideration, were unsubstantiated allegations by Democratic Sen. Jon Tester of Montana, who claimed Jackson mishandled prescription medicines and was frequently drunk on duty, including wrecking government cars.

As it turned out, the Secret Service reported it had no record of an alleged incident where Jackson had to be subdued while banging on the hotel room door of a female colleague as President Barack Obama slept nearby. The AP noted Jackson was in three fender-benders while in government cars, but none involved alcohol and none were his fault. The AP also reported that annual audits of the White House medical office’s prescription meds, including opioids, found no discrepancies. 

In short, Tester made up or was given bogus information and went public to destroy Jackson’s bid to run the VA. And nothing more was said about it after Jackson withdrew. 

Well, come November, perhaps, Jackson will again be irritating anti-Trumpers by celebrating his election to Congress.

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1 Comment

  1. Susan Wright July 16, 2020

    So, all of these idiots who simply hate the man who is our elected President now hole themselves out as medical professionals. How did they end up thinking so highly of their medical skills since, to my knowledge, not one of them attended medical school nor did they perform a medical examination of President Trump. Also, keep in mind that an osteopath declared Biden fit to serve as President if elected. Would someone explain to me what in the world an osteopath knows about the subject? That’s like assigning a veterinarian to the task!

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