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Pro and con police groups clash in NYC streets

In New York City yesterday, police clashed with radical progressives trying to discourage unity between citizens of all colors.

Black community activist Tony Herbert, who previously condemned New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for the rise of shootings in the city, told Fox and Friends that protesters who were violent with police yesterday on the Brooklyn Bridge were from out-of-state.

Hebert and many concerned citizens are increasingly worried about the effect violent protests are having on the city. They decided to form a coalition of police supporters, clergy and civil rights organizers to unify the city. Unfortunately, BLM, Antifa and Occupy protesters harassed them while they marched across the Brooklyn Bridge, showing that the far-left is determined not to relinquish control of the city to forces of law and order.

On its Twitter feed, the NYPD shared a video of a demonstrator attacking Black and white police officers attempting to make an arrest during the march. The demonstrator has a long pole and reaches over a fence to hit the officers on the head.

“Three officers violently attacked by protesters crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. The officers sustained serious injuries. This is not peaceful protest, this will not be tolerated,” said the NYPD.

Four police were hurt during the protests including three officers making the arrest and NYPD’s highest-ranked uniformed officer, Chief Terence Monahan.

“The bridge attack left a lieutenant and a sergeant with cuts on their scalps and Chief Monahan with an injured hand,” says the New York Times. “A second lieutenant sustained a broken eye socket when he was punched in a separate incident.”

The suspect in the bridge attack is at large. Overall, police said they made 37 arrests in the protests.

The attacks highlight the dangers of protests that are meant to demonstrate the illegitimacy of policing in American cities. While often called “mostly peaceful” protests, the message that police are the enemy is clearly visible in the violence directed at them.

“Here it is you are talking about a peace march, I don’t know what memo they got with regards to what it might have been, but it was about unifying our city for those of us that live here and creating an opportunity for us to get to the table and have positive dialogue,” said Herbert.

That was news to the Black Lives Matter protesters, who definitely did not get the “peace memo.”

“The organizers of an anti-violence prayer march said that Blue Lives Matter activists,” said the Gothamist, “including some NYPD officers, ‘hijacked’ their pro-reform march on Wednesday — leaving the marchers confused and guilt-ridden as cops cracked down on anti-police counter-protesters.”

In reality, a number of faith-based organizations representing all colors, called Jericho March, joined with former police and police supporters to stand up to the violent protests and the violent crime in the city — as was indicated by Herbert’s comments.

“They marched across the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday, Wednesday, July 15, in the name of unity against gun violence,” says King County Politics, “which unfortunately was marred by the constant and violent clashes between Occupy City Hall counter-protesters and the NYPD.”

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