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NY State Court says de Blasio responsible for crime in NY

The hits just keep coming for New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

After being ridiculed by the prominent Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams over the mayor’s decision to disband the NYPD’s anti-crime unit, the New York State Office of Court Administration has piled on.

A spokesman for the court, responding to accusations made by de Blasio in a press conference that the court isn’t keeping New York safe because it refuses to open, said: “Throughout this pandemic, through the unceasing hard work and dedication of judges, non-judicial staff and court officers, the New York State Court system has continued to function. We have never closed: not for one day, not for one hour, not for one minute.”

“Clearly,” said Lucian Chalfen, spokesman for the Office of Court Administration, “the Mayor continues to refuse to take any responsibility for his actions, instead shifting the blame.”

New York City has seen an unprecedented crime wave in the month following the decision to disband New York’s anti-crime plainclothes division as a concession to Black Lives Matters protesters.

“There were 634 shootings through July 12,” reports the New York Times, “compared with only 396 in the same period last year, according to police data. Police have made arrests in 23 percent of shootings so far this year, Chief Harrison said, well below the usual clearance rate, which is just above 30 percent.”

“Bill de Blasio is a complete moron,” said Pat Cullen, president of the New York State Supreme Court Officers Association. “Shifting blame to a state agency that has remained in operation despite a global health emergency is what we have come to expect from the single most destructive person in this city’s history.”

The New York Post says that because of social distancing rules, grand juries cannot meet to secure indictments and trials can’t be held to secure convictions, but the court is still functioning.  

In addition, New York City courts– not state courts– have been releasing suspects involved in violent crime without bail.  

Quran Campbell, 25, who assaulted the city’s top uniformed cop this week while being arrested for a brawl on the Brooklyn Bridge, was released without bail yesterday. The NYPD believes he’s part of an anarchist group that’s intent on causing violence in mayhem inside the George Floyd protest movement.

The city council, under de Blasio, just cut the NYPD’s budget by $1 billion and passed a police reform package making it more difficult to arrest suspect, which de Blasio signed yesterday in front of a Black Lives Matter mural that he helped paint on a New York City street.  

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  1. Alan July 17, 2020

    Strange individual is blasio but more strange are the voters who put him in office.

    I wouldn’t move to NY no matter what. Free mansion, annual stipend, the neighbors I might get are not to my liking.

  2. Mike W July 17, 2020

    “Clearly,” said Lucian Chalfen, spokesman for the Office of Court Administration, “the Mayor continues to refuse to take any responsibility for his actions, instead shifting the blame.” – The exact same thing could be said about Cuomo. I hope while the court is reviewing deBlasio they will also look into that 4900,000,000 of NYC taxpayer money that deBlasio and his wife cannot account for. They should also enforce the bench warrant put out for Alessandra (AOC) for NOT paying her taxes.

  3. Rob July 17, 2020

    Get rid of deBlasio and Cuomo? They are doing nothing good for New York
    And both have blood on their hands for all the elderly that have died from covid
    They both need to be put on prison

  4. Jojodmonkey July 17, 2020

    Well heck, they need to lock that Nazi junkie up!

  5. Michael Groves July 17, 2020

    The Circus Family de Blasio. We have the Ring Master Bill. Bug Eye, the Clown Woman, and his Escape Artist of a wife. Be careful around her if you have money in your pocket. Give her any large amount of money, and it’ll be gone before you can say. “What the hell. de Blasio, the joke that keeps giving.

  6. JC July 17, 2020

    This stupid idiot of a mayor is so dang dumb he makes an insane statement about having the fewest number of people in jail in recent history when truth be told that k=jackass ordered them all released after the police had done so much work to arrest the lawbreakers. He should be whipped in the city square for being a moron

  7. Wilddog July 17, 2020

    The strange thing about this is that this is not De Blasio’s first term. When the NYC voters re-elected this worthless piece of raw sewage they knew what they were getting. The only New Yorkers I feel sorry for are the one who didn’t vote for this scummy bag of manure and don’t have the ability to escape the city. To those people I say FIND A WAY! New York City is the North Korea of the United States.

  8. Wolf July 17, 2020

    “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Thanks De Blasio for showing the other Democratic Mayors how to destroy their cities. How does it feel to be someone that will forever be a political joke. When people look up “Traitor” in the encyclopedia, they will see your picture. I pray that you are prosecuted for murder by “knowingly exposing vulnerable highly at risk elder citizens to a virus that in their case was a death sentence.” . People are going to demand it!!!

  9. Sam R July 17, 2020

    If De Blasio runs unopposed in the primary he will win the Democratic nomination for what ever office he is running for. New Yorkers will blindly vote for the “D” regardless of the name that is associated with it.

  10. don July 17, 2020

    Hang um high!

  11. Ron Hopkins July 17, 2020

    A completely useless pile of rat shit is this idiot mayor! Backstabs the police then states their the cause of unrest. Let’s thugs go with no bail then blames the courts. His whore corrupt wife rips off a charity she’s in charge of and gets away with it. Shootings are up along with murders and this genius thinks painting a communist emblem on the street in front of the President’s building will bring the city together. Talk of stupidity! Look up this word and this clowns face is there! Nuff said!

  12. Sam R July 17, 2020

    He should be whipped in Times Square for being a liberal socialist fascist pig Democrat.

  13. Alex Czeranko July 17, 2020

    To the people of New York City : You voted this incompetent individual into office. You have no one to blame but your selves. However, you can rectify the problem. According to our Constitution you can start the process of removing De Blasio by using Initiative and Referendum
    This is a process where the people can remove an elected person from office
    You also have the ability to vote him out of office at the next Mayoral election. However, the city may be gone by then+

  14. Demonangel July 17, 2020

    Bill de Blasio. The man who couldn’t figure out what name he wanted, (only felons change their name as much as he has), can’t figure out how to run a city either..Tax payers should be storming Gracie mansion with torches and pitchforks. He needs to be recalled even though his wife will scream “racist” and his son will point his finger and blame the police his father taught him to hate. Just sayin’.

  15. Mike Heath July 17, 2020

    Instead of assuming de Blasio is stupid or ignorant maybe it is time to consider that he may be another criminal of humanity that actually Intends to do harm to others, like so many other infamous mass murderers and dictators! In the field of criminal law Intent is important, but by doing harm to others even without specifically intending to do so is still prosecutable. Americans need to wake up to the obvious fact that none of this is happening randomly and there are some of the most evil criminals of our time doing everything possible to destroy America and The Constitution!

  16. Old Fur Trapper July 17, 2020

    DeBlasio has more blood on his hands than most NYC people know! His real name is NOT DeBlasio! He changed it to hide. He was a staunch supporter of the violent Sandinista in South America years ago. A violent group that slaughtered thousands of innocent men, women, and children! Now a supporter of BLM, a terrorist group with blood on their hands, it’s no surprise! He turned the city over to them and Antifa! His open hatred of the NYPD is well known. He does not support them, he defunded them, and passed legislation to make it easier to prosecute them by his head hunting AG! Police are retiring at record rates or quitting! And crime continues to skyrocket! It will end when he is ended!

  17. Frederick I Feuerstein July 17, 2020

    Keep voting dumbocrit! Give this country to lib’s, illegals, thieves, junkies, and minorities. Oh yeah, give us workin’ stiffs the bill. Bullshit. I say the silent majority needs to stop bein’ so silent!! And submissive!!

  18. lillian reheusser July 17, 2020

    I’ m beginning to think that deBlasio is actually a bat. I think he sleeps hanging upside down. That would be the perfect explanation for his s*** for brains. Perhaps he is the infected bat from whence Covid 19 originated.

  19. Phillip C Gleason July 17, 2020

    That new york state court is exactly right.
    Bill deblasio is criminally insane and needs to be locked up for the sake of the citizens of new york city, along with any and all city government officials who support him! Maybe that state court can handle this!

  20. Fhockey July 17, 2020

    Time to tar and feather the mayor and send him out it town on a rail.

  21. Stanley Hawley July 17, 2020

    de Blasio and Cuomo Both need to be arrested and charged with Conspiracy and Dereliction of Duty and maybe they can opine with their communist friends in Prison, hey if the get tired of talking to their Communist friends maybe we should add the Communist Leader here in America the POS Bastard Obama.

  22. Tina July 20, 2020


    I do it.
    Can you do it too.

    MAGA 2020 TRUMP

  23. Don July 22, 2020

    Adults have realized that from day one. Glad the court agrees. Same for Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle.

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