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VIDEO: Gunshots from Amazon Grocery in Seattle

More violence erupts in Seattle over the weekend. Updates will be published when available.

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  1. bob July 20, 2020

    Seattle shooting ,,,,, another typical LIBERAL , DEMOCRAT run city !!! Anyone surprised ??????

  2. Jojodmonkey July 20, 2020

    Good! Hopefully a bunch of communist scumbags are dead!

  3. Jack July 20, 2020

    Shooter definitely was a gruber Dem! ??

  4. Darrell Singleton July 20, 2020

    Seattle is off our to-do list for some time to come….unless we change the city council, major, Lt. Governor and the governor to conservative control, the city of Seattle will look like the movie set of the Walking Dead …a ghost town where no one wants to go any more. We have not been there for over 3 years and do not venture any closer than the Seatac airport…

    Tourist notice….stay the hell out of Seattle, not safe and nothing there worth dying for.

  5. Wood July 20, 2020

    Time for the Insurrection Act. Steamroll these terrorists.

  6. David Carpe July 20, 2020

    I weep for Seattle ??

    It has deteriorated and gone crazy in the last 8 years or so from a fun but funky liberal town to a leftist socialist war zone!

    I used to love to visit but you couldn’t pay me to there any more ??

  7. Alex Czeranko July 20, 2020

    Just a foreshadowing of what this country could look like if the Democrats and the Far left win the Presidency, keep the House and takeover the Senate. Need to vote them out of office

  8. Jacquelyn Terry July 20, 2020

    You are spot on! Vote Red everyone!!

  9. Judy Hannon July 20, 2020

    I’d say bring in the military and put a stop to this nonsense. Destroying property or attaching people is not the answer. There are laws people an without them all hell will break out, you really want to live in a city that you afraid to go to, hell no.

  10. Lynne July 20, 2020

    You can bet on it, this is what the whole United States will look like if the Dem’s get in. They are out to ruin this country in anyway that they can and of course, we’ll be the ones suffering terribly because of it. The Democratic Big shots will be living the life of luxury while we poor peasants are left to work our asses off and give it all to them as even Stupid Biden is saying he’s going to raise taxes. If this does take place, we will be another Venezuela in weeks, not months, not years. They will take from us everything we ever thought of owning starting folks with our guns so we can’t retaliate. Of course, the right to our religious freedom will be next and anything else that’s important to us now. Anyone who votes for the Democratic party after what is happening right now needs their head examined as they can’t be all there.

  11. Ric Parks July 20, 2020

    And then chase them out of the Country. FOREVER!

  12. Katherine July 20, 2020

    NEVER spending a penny of our tourism dollars in the west again. You people are absolutely SICK, on your knees to the communists. Disgusting.

  13. Bob July 20, 2020

    I might add NYC to the list of not safe tourist destinations

  14. GIlbert Pazo July 20, 2020

    Isn’t that a freaking shame and the great Democrat leaders of Seattle have it under control and don’t want any help from outsiders. So my guess is the citizens of Seattle are ok, with what’s happening in their city. We need to remember that the democrat LEADERSHIP have it under control and not mention that for the last 50 night it has all been so peaceful and quiet, according to the mayor and the governor and it’s all getting better. it’s to believe that the people of Seattle put these IDIOTS in office…WHAT BUNCH OF CRAP. WAKE UP SEATTLE THAT WAS ONLY A STORE FRONT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN IT’S YOUR HOME AND YOUR CHILDREN ARE INSIDE..

  15. Bobby Sexton July 20, 2020

    I hope the RIGHT is as sick of the left as
    I am. It is time to take control of our COUNTRY back. I am tired of the bull shit
    we are being fed. I blame the government
    And the military,for our problems. Im tired
    of RINOs, socialist ,communist and leftist
    damocrats. If we dont take control soon
    It will be harder in Nov. Im willing to give
    The idots part of this country, but not all
    Of it. I also want to leave behind the do nothing republicans in our country and the
    Do nothing democrats and anyother ass hole
    just getting a pay check for doing nothing
    Politicans and people who want to be socialist. Americans and AMERICAN PATRIOTS NEED TO STAND UP. ALL WE NEED IS A PLACE TO COME TOGETHER AND START IT.

  16. Gene July 20, 2020

    Democrats are insane ,

  17. Jean knight July 20, 2020

    Looks like they are biting the hand that feeds them!!

  18. Frederick I Feuerstein July 20, 2020

    Hail lord inslee!!! Chief socialist collaborator, and scumbag. Get him out of office before it’s too late!!!

  19. Debbie July 20, 2020

    I live just outside Seattle. Gruber Jay has ruined this state.

  20. Texas girl July 21, 2020

    Vote Red. R—-Remove. E—-every. D—-Democrat. We must take the House back. We must. Increase the Senate and re-elect President Trump. Vote! Vote RED.

  21. Arnell Tabak July 21, 2020

    And they continue to destroy the Blue States. Take the Red Pill and either take control of your State of move to a Red State. It is only going to get worse as we come closer to our election. Take back our country and vote Republican!

  22. Karl Buchanan July 21, 2020

    I do not care about blue state blues and if i could get ahold of a mosquito spraying truck and some xyklon, dhs would be chasing me down the road as i sprayed off precious democrat weapons without the brains to be anything but. I have little kids. I would drown antifa/blm all by hand if that will work.

  23. Don July 21, 2020

    Let the city burn until people wake up.

  24. Rose Walisiak July 21, 2020

    Absolutely!! Totally agree!!

  25. Rose Walisiak July 21, 2020

    Vote RED!! This is are ONLY hope to get our country back!!

  26. Rose Walisiak July 21, 2020

    I second that!!! VOTE RED!!!

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