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Clinton warns Russia is coming again in 2020

Former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic nominee for president Hillary Clinton told MSNBC on Monday that she believes President Donald Trump commuted Roger Stone to keep him from telling what actually happened during the 2016 election and how much Trump knew.

“It was basically to shut up Roger Stone so that Roger Stone would not spill any more beans about what actually happened and what Donald Trump actually knew,” said Clinton. “This is a continuation of the cover-up.”

Clinton went on to say that Russia had successfully swung votes to Trump in 2016 and that they will absolutely try to do so again this year.

“It’s very clear that Russia succeeded,” Clinton said. “They believe that they were able to influence the minds and even votes of Americans, so why would they stop? They really want to pursue their agenda of dividing us.”

Republican spokesman Steve Guest responded to Clinton’s claims on Twitter.

“It’s rich watching Hillary Clinton talk about accepting the results of an election when she herself STILL has not accepted the results of the 2016 election when she lost to @realDonaldTrump,” Guest tweeted.

The former secretary of state also said that its shameful that Trump hasn’t addressed the claims that Russia was placing bounties on U.S. troops overseas despite the fact that the president has been very public on that subject.

“He still as president of the United States has yet to say anything about bounties on American troops,” she said.

Contrary to Clinton’s claims Trump tweeted earlier this month:

“The Russia Bounty story is just another made up by Fake News tale that is told only to damage me and the Republican Party. The secret source probably does not even exist, just like the story itself.” Trump called on the Times to reveal their source, claiming the story was Just another “HOAX!”

Clinton has been making news a lot recently. She recently took a swipe at Trump over comments made to reporters by White House aide Kellyanne Conway.

“President Trump took on Hillary Clinton in all 3 debates. She looked like it was an indignity to share the stage with him,” said Conway.

Clinton tweeted the clip of Conway and simply responded, “It was. See: the last four years.”

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  1. tymtrvlr July 21, 2020

    Mata Hari clinton is at it again. The only people that believe her tripe are hitler, mousy dung, lenin.

  2. JoeyP July 21, 2020

    I didn’t know the Democrats were RUSSIAN . . . I thought that they were TREASONISTIC Traitor CHICOM! MERCY ME – I Stand CORRECTED. One Surprised Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  3. Ken Surles July 21, 2020

    Hillary WHO?

  4. nathan jarrell July 21, 2020

    Despite the truckload of evidence that proved there was no Russian/Trump collusion, this idiot still tries to make that allegation. Since she paid for the dossier I guess she’s just trying to deflect. Still on her latest roll of lies, Trump HAS addressed the bounty issue. And she did have a superior attitude at the debates: she felt quite sure she’d win the race,
    helped at the debates by being given the questions beforehand and having a device in her ear for help. Didn’t help thank goodness! .

  5. 1949 July 21, 2020

    Crooked Hillary Clinton, i guess she is paying Russia again to interfere in our election again that the way the democrats rats ? can win is to have Russia interfere with the 2020 election.

  6. Shirley Wilson July 21, 2020

    I don’t know why Hillary is even saying anything nobody cares what she says. Americans does not like her or Obama we see the mouths working but we don’t really hear anything useful. Trump and Pence will be our President and Vice President for 2020 God Bless them Both

  7. carolyn July 21, 2020

    Will she EVER get over her loss? Every other day this spiteful old lady blames someone or something for her spectacular loss She can’t believe she was once again denied her “rightful” place in government!!! She is a LOSER. She was promised this goal and that didn’t deliver. OH POOR BABY you are the biggest crybaby/whiner this BEAUTIFUL NATION has had.!!!
    Get a grip old lady, no one likes you. 2 time loser ugly old women who pretends to be chic and with it. hahaha you’re a “funny old woman” but looks aren’t everything you old crow

  8. Dan P Murphy July 21, 2020

    Hillary! people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. It makes them unreliable and hard to believe at best. The Dems have been tampering with elections for years so how are we to believe you, you hypocrite! At least Trump hasn’t committed premeditated murder. Which is more than I can say for you and slick willy. redrum, redrum. You need a bigger closet for all the ghosts you’ve created. It’s getting crowded in there.

  9. Patricia July 21, 2020

    Hillary really can’t you do better than that. We know who they were after in 2016 and we know about your bought dossie. So go ahead and run that mouth. We have learned when you democrats blame Trump for something that means democrats are guilty of it. Nice try keeping with Russia though. Justice is coming for you with you facing many crimes. How sweet the day will be. You all just don’t learn. Please place your hand on a bible when you speak because you will catch on fire immediately.

  10. Brenda July 22, 2020

    Yes, Hillary was paying for the Steel Dossier in 2016. How well did that work out for her. The only thing that concerns me is every time the Democrats blame Trump and the Republicans for something it is exactly what they are doing.

  11. Mark July 22, 2020

    DemocRATs still trying to sell the same old worn out debunked lies again and again! Need anymore proof of how DemocRATs like Clinton think every Democrat voter is stupid enough to believe anything they regurgitate?
    Just like their MSM gaslighting propaganda machine…

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