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CNN: Trump doing better with Black voters than in 2016

A CNN analysis of polls says that Trump has more Black votes now as a percentage than he did in 2016 when he stunned the pundits in a victory over Hillary Clinton for President of the United States.

“This confirms other studies that show that Biden’s gains since the protests began have been concentrated among White voters,” says CNN’s Harry Enten. “As I noted last month, Biden seems to be doing considerably worse than Clinton among Hispanic voters.”

The CNN survey of polls show that Trump is more popular with Black voters overall than he was in 2016 by about 26 percent.

“Historically,” says Enten, “Trump is doing as well and probably even a touch better than Republicans normally do among Black voters.”

And this time around, Trump has a considerable advantage in having an organization in place to do outreach. Each of the state parties has organized a Black Voices for Trump group that is headed by committed activists who can campaign on things that Trump has actually done in the Black community.

“Whether it be safer policing and safer communities, criminal justice reform, Opportunity Zones, school choice, the largest federal investment into funding HBCUs, or the lowest Black unemployment rate in American history, President Trump’s proven track record speaks for itself,” said Harrison Floyd, executive director of Black Voices for Trump. In 2016, Trump didn’t have the organization to support coalition voters like they do today.  

“There was nothing nearly as organized and as structured as we have today, mainly because the president was funding his own campaign at the beginning,” said Katrina Pierson, a Trump Senior Adviser.

Also, younger Black voters are gravitating to Trump in higher numbers. Why?

“Because they’re tired of hearing the same stories about victimhood, racism, and zero answers that the left has been giving for years,” Rob Smith, a prominent Black conservative activist and spokesman for the youth-oriented non-profit Turning Point USA, told Just the News.

Smith predicted a month ago that Floyd’s case wouldn’t affect Trump because it has nothing to do with Trump’s policies despite the media’s insatiable desire to blame everything on Trump.

“Trump doesn’t have anything to do with the Floyd case, and most smart people realize that,” said Smith.

While Biden appears to sometimes be more popular overall than Hillary Clinton was, CNN says that that’s not true amongst Black voters.

“When you dig a little bit deeper, you see that Biden doesn’t seem to be as well liked as Clinton was among Black voters,” says Enten.

Or maybe Black voters just like that Trump doesn’t put up with the malarkey that Biden does.

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  1. Mike W July 21, 2020

    What the Democrats and their puppets at the MSM don’t want to admit is that Trump is doing better with evetryone than he did in 2016. That may not even be because Trump is so good as much as it is because the Democrats are so damned bad. Many Democrats have left the “Plantation”.

  2. bruno fabbri July 21, 2020

    Lets not forget that the democrats are the party of slavery, jim crowe, segregation, kkk, voter suppression. Now we are the pawns in their scheme to gain power. As they gain power we lose rights opportunities and freedoms.

  3. Jerry Young July 21, 2020

    I always believed that President Trump would do better with minorities the second time around. He still beat Hillary Clinton when she had more minority support than what Biden has now.

  4. Julie July 21, 2020


  5. Don Mummert July 21, 2020

    I was having a conversation this morning with a friend of mine. I really believe a lot of them will vote for Trump due to the leftward movement of the party leaders. I still believe a majority of people in the US do not want socialism.

  6. Nettie July 21, 2020

    I’ve lost friend and family have turned against me, but that will not stop me from voting for Trump come November. I continue to pray for him and his administration. I know that he’s not perfect. I don’t idolize him either. He’s got his flaws and that is not the reason why I’m voting for him. He does his job. He does what he said he was going to do and he did it. Unlike all the other presidents that served, who did absolutely nothing and yet are still getting paid. He’s not a politician. President Donald J. Trump is a business man and that’s what we need to bring America back to table.

  7. Pollky July 21, 2020

    There is a God who cares for USA and He has found a man who will do what He wants .The devil and His cohorts will not win

  8. Wilddog July 21, 2020

    Kind of a shock to see CNN admitting this. NBC still says Trump is in decline. What I see happening is a repeat of 1968. Dummycrat base riots all spring and summer with the ultimate climax at the dummycrat convention in Chicago. Polls at that time were saying dummycrat Humphrey was a shoo-in. But on election night it was Nixon, and by a sizable margin. Dummycrats think rioting and throwing temper tantrums will help them at election time while sacrificing the well being of the country. And with blacks more often being the victims of crime it’s no wonder that most blacks want the police fully funded but with a few reforms. Only the black criminals, and I’ve noticed a lot of white criminals in BLM, want to do away with police. Just like in 1968, most voters will vote for law and order. Go Trump!

  9. Monie July 21, 2020

    Amen to that

  10. Jojodmonkey July 21, 2020

    President Trump is doing better all the way across the board and will win in a landslide victory like this country or the world has ever seen!

  11. Dan Murphy July 21, 2020

    I honestly have to believe most black voters know all the violence and hate is bad for America and bad for their kids? At least I hope so?

  12. Kenny July 21, 2020

    Look at it African- Americans. He had the lowest unemployment for you before the crisis and he will do it for you again. Look at Bidens record too. He done nothing for you.
    Also listen Asian and Hispanics. Biden will not work for you either.

  13. Don July 21, 2020

    Good to hear

  14. Tim July 21, 2020

    I really hope an pray that there will be NO DRATS ANY WHERE CLOSE TO DC. in January.

  15. Roger D Putman July 21, 2020

    The black voters are not about to watch their county go Socialist. They want law and order just as all people.

  16. formermarine July 21, 2020

    Blacks know more than what they are being given credit for . I am white and most blacks are starting to see the party of slavery now for what they the dimms are . Have faith and stay strong .Trump will win again .

  17. Kenneth C Morgan July 21, 2020

    Trump is the best president we’ve had in a long long time he cares about all the Votes black Hispanic White Chinese Japanese it doesn’t matter

  18. David Willoughby July 22, 2020

    I’m surprised for this review! President Trump ?? has listened to Ameica, and responded! The Democrats destroyed their chances for a Whitehouse victory by attacking relentlessly with lies! America will resoundingly reelect Trump by a landslide. Democrats will be shocked that they lied, and connived, and falsely charged him ultimately causing a huge loss to the November election! I did a post for Joe Biden? Hope you need a laugh, this will surely do that! Democrats are not the party of John Kennedy. They are horrible and Godless now! Joe cant remember a single sentence, he fumbles and stumbles and has no crowds! All really bad signs. Hillary couldn’t win, Joe has no chance at all!

  19. james a gould July 22, 2020

    Black Lives Matter to themselves and the Dems. They represent a movement that doesn’t help the blacks and their families. they’re Anarchists for their own cause.

  20. Mark July 22, 2020

    The FAKE POLLS we keep seeing are a feeble attempt to sell all the voter fraud DemocRATs need to use to even get in the ball park for Biden to defeat Trump, to keep the house and try to flip the senate!
    An overwhelming majority of Americans have had it with the DemocRAT party of Marxist Thugs!
    Where I live is about 30% black and absolutely no one I’ve talked to will vote for a DemocRAT ever again!

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