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North Carolina councilman says ‘Black Lives Matter’ slogan is racist

A city councilman in Wilmington, North Carolina slammed the phrase “Black Lives Matter” as racist, refusing to vote for the city to authorize a mural with the motto.

“The thing that has always bothered me throughout this process is whenever anybody said something besides, ‘Black Lives Matter’ they were castigated as being racist. I think this is probably this most racist and divisive thing I’ve seen come before us,” said Charles Rivenbark to a council meeting this week, according to Newsweek.   

“If Black lives are the only ones that matter, you got a problem, that’s racist. Because you got Hispanics, we have a melting pot of people here in this town, and I could imagine a small white child seeing that like, ‘What about white lives,’” he added.

His remarks were during a meeting that the Raleigh News Observer described as “sometimes tense.”  

The meeting discussed two proposals according to the Wilmington Port City Daily.

“During the agenda briefing, councilmembers heard a two-part proposal that will be up for a vote Tuesday evening. The first part of the proposal would erect an art installation, with letters spelling out ‘Black Lives Matter,’ in Jervay Park on the northside of Wilmington. The second part would turn a largely unused block nearby into a ‘public forum for all expression,’” reports the Port City Daily.

Councilman Kevin Spears, who is Black, countered Rivenbark by saying that the country often treats Black Americans like they aren’t important.

“All lives can’t matter until Black lives matter. All lives don’t matter when you’re seeing a man kneel, someone kneel on his neck, a police officer kneeled on his neck for nine and a half minutes and killed him,” Spears said of the George Floyd death in Minneapolis that further sparked widespread debate about police use of force and racism.

Rivenbark, who is white, says that he wants a mural that would be more welcoming and portray the area as friendly and feel-good.  

He suggested an “All Lives Matter” sign would be more appropriate.

Wilmington Mayor Margaret Haynes also expressed concern that making an area as a “public forum” for free expression would subject the city to policing controversial or unpopular messages.

“Haynes also questioned letting ‘one group have twelve-foot letters and others can have a piece of plywood on a stick … I don’t know if it’s fair,’” says the Port City Daily.

President Trump has derided the progressive expression, saying that he thinks “Black Lives Matter” is an expression of hatred.

Former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani agreed, saying: “Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization. Black Lives Matter has been planning to destroy the police for three years.”

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  1. Bobby Mullins July 22, 2020

    BLM is racism. ! Wake ! It will divide your city and bring chaos.

  2. Pollky July 22, 2020

    He is right

  3. K K Shack July 22, 2020

    It is without a doubt a racist and divisive statement. Not to mention that it is also a hateful statement, with its implications that white lives or red lives or yellow lives don’t matter.

  4. Deaven Fonseca July 22, 2020

    Yes the Slogan sign that reads Black Lives Matters is a Racist Remark.I agree with The North Carolina sign to read All Lives Matters!Yes I know how it feels to be bullied by another race because I grew in a housing project and was physical assaulted in Kindergarten by a male of color!

  5. Deanna Moncrief July 22, 2020

    It is racist…I agree 100%!!

  6. Leslie Benjamini July 22, 2020

    Yes he is. All lives matter & ONLY SOME BLM to BLM.

  7. Steve July 22, 2020


  8. Sheila Horner July 22, 2020

    Racism !!

  9. Michael Page July 22, 2020

    All lives matter, anything else is racist

  10. adh1074 July 22, 2020

    Tell Tony Timpa’s family about what lives really matter.

  11. Pete Frank July 22, 2020

    I definitely feel that it’s racist to say Black Lives Matter and not be inclusive saying that
    ALL LIVES MATTER. We had this very discussion in our family. Since early in the last century the black community has been fighting with Good Right to be treated as equals. Which is how it should be! But to have a Marist group high jack this opportunity is crazy. They’re misleading an opportunity to have it the ways it needs to be. And it’s loosing it chance cause of people who hate our country & our very way of life. The cause is being lost & needs to regroup and listen to God on how things should be.

  12. Don July 22, 2020

    He’s right because all lives matter to adults.

  13. Sheila July 22, 2020

    Pres. Trump is exactly right. How about Red, Yellow, White and Black Lives Matter….at least that is not derived from Marxist devils.

  14. Carmel July 22, 2020

    BLM is Marxist. Study the Facist Black shirts & Nazi Brown shirts and their tactics. They’re identical to what’s going on around the country.

  15. Fhockey July 22, 2020

    Someone needs to ask Kevin what has the socialist democrats done for him.

  16. Joe July 22, 2020

    Finally someone recognze that racism will never end because they are the one that are racists as to poleticians frankly they dont give a flying banana about the subject specially democrats prove is how many of these parasites. Have came.out and publicly called for yjis violance to stop on the contrary they back this delinquent in the destruction of yhe country for political gains.

  17. JamieE' July 22, 2020

    If BLM then why do they allow abortions with black babies?

  18. Alan July 22, 2020

    Absolutely, we need more people like him

  19. fedup20 July 22, 2020

    Finally, someone with some common sense and a backbone!!! It’s not only racist, they are terrorist!

  20. Forrest LONDON July 22, 2020

    Someone needs to ask our Black Brothers and Sisters what the democrat party has done for them absolutely nothing did your unemployed rate improve while Obama was President Hell no because he did not care about the blacks that were poor and its just not Obama what party did the KKK belong too DEMOCRAT I will stop there because it does not improve until TRUMP BLM is just a joke pushed by the Democrats

  21. Ed S July 22, 2020

    How about a proposal for a White Lives Matter mural?

  22. Jojodmonkey July 22, 2020

    Mr. Rivenbark is 100% correct and speake for 200 million Good and decent American citizens!

  23. Demonangel July 22, 2020

    More people. have to stand and say ENOUGH! It’s already gone way too far. It went too far after the first sign went up, before the first window was smashed, before the first store was burned down, before the the first cop was attacked, before the first graffiti was sprayed and before the first statue was dedicated. It won’t stop until we ALL say NO MORE! Just sayin’.

  24. He is absolutely right because
    ALL LIVES MATTER. When they try to say all lives matter when black lives matter, that’s another racist statement because they make it about them selves. The bottom line is black lives matter just as much as every other life. They need to stop making it about them selves and also realize that Black people kill more Black people than white people or Police. And without blue lives nobody’s gonna matter because it’s going to be a free-for-all just like it is in Chicago Portland NYC and all these liberal run cities and states Where all the problems actually are.

  25. Wilddog July 22, 2020

    I notice that the black funeral that was shot up in Chicago by other blacks didn’t matter one bit to BLM. Same with all those black children that were killed by blacks. BLM isn’t just racist against whites (even though many of their members are white) they’re also racist against other blacks.

  26. Brian July 22, 2020

    George Floyd’s life may not have mattered to the police officer kneeling on his neck, but that incident in no way says Black lives don’t matter to most people or any variation of that for all races. That’s using specifics to make generalizations, a logical fallacy. A huge mistake. You can fix it and get rid of the Marxist organization association by adding “, too.” to BLM or preferably using “All Lives Matter” since it’s wrong to say “no lives matter until Black lives matter.” Every life matters regardless of race.

  27. Eric July 22, 2020

    BLM is a racist sham!!!Dont talk about what police did or didn’t do to George Floyd until you’re ready to realistically admit black on black crime is a much bigger danger to black citizens!,And until you stop making a distinction between black,white,yellow,or red lives,you are being a bunch of racists!!!and considering hundreds of thousands of white,union soldiers lost their lives in the civil war to free the slaves,I’d say black people have already been repatriated in the blood of alot of white soldiers!!!Or maybe,since BLM thinks so little of white people,then maybe they should come out and say,instead of thank you,that white people wasted their time and lives fighting to free the slaves!!!

  28. JC July 22, 2020

    Shooting up everyone and burning down the town has nothing to do with black lives matter but everything to do with Marxist destruction.

  29. Rob July 22, 2020

    Black Lives Matter…..Act Blue…… Democratic Party! Connect the Dots!

  30. Kathy July 22, 2020

    This is just a terrorism act towards America and our law enforcement. These BLM groups are telling our politicians how they will run this country. Of course black people are just as important and valuable as the next person but I don’t cry “my life matters more than yours” its racist. We need to better listen as to what the true black people want, not these BLM marxists terrorist groups telling them what they need have to be stopped. When they threaten and destroy, they go to jail just like any other criminal would, no privileges. I also feel like these Democrat Governors and mayors are giving in to this BS because they are scared for their lives and they think it’s the popular thing to do to get votes. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Be your own person with your own brain and backbone. STOP ALL THIS VIOLENCE, IT GETS NOWHERE! Put these violent criminals threatening America in jail.

  31. Richard July 22, 2020

    Riverbanks is totally wrong and his comments reflect the blindness and contradictions to his words. Look at the NFL and MBA, where is the parity there? Look at all the major Democratic cities run by Black administrations. If any person or group exemplifies racism it is the people of BLM , Antigua and the Democratic Left.

  32. stella July 22, 2020

    From what I have read and reread is Floyd George is not dead. It was all an act and maybe we will find out someday.
    But, BLM is racist!!!!! They want to take over America. Take freedoms from you and they are Fascists. communism . Do you know what that means???? Look at Hong Kong now. That is communism people. Get real and get educated.!!!

  33. Stella July 22, 2020

    From what I have read and reread is Floyd George is not dead. It was all an act and maybe we will find out someday.
    But, BLM is racist!!!!! They want to Take freedoms from you and they are Fascists. communism . Do you know what that means???? Look at Hong Kong now. That is communism people. Get real and get educated.!!!

  34. Judy Higgins July 22, 2020

    Bravo to this councilman for standing up for what he believes! Black Lives Matter definitely is a racist slogan – ALL lives matter is inclusive and NOT racist.

  35. Jim Harris July 22, 2020

    This whole charade is about political leverage. It’s not about black lives mattering. It’s about leveraging events to accomplish political objectives. That’s exactly why blacks killing other black goes unmentioned and is largely ignored. There is no political leverage to be gained. This whole thing is one big charade aimed at manipulating white people’s consciences. Frankly, I think they’ve overplayed their hand. People are getting fed up with their acts of violence (aka felonious behavior that is destroying other people’s lives). .

  36. Brad July 22, 2020

    Rodney King even said”Can’t we just get along” as rioters tore up LA. Blacks care about their families but Marxist incite riots and pollute our youth in the public schools. We need to unite with all our brothers who value the family and our nations founding!

  37. Maggie Crow July 22, 2020

    I don’t feel America is systematically racist, and I agree that BLM is racist in their very accusations. Would we have elected a black President, would there be so many interracial marriages, and what about interracial children??? I am white and have black nieces and nephews who I love so very much! I feel Mr Floyd was murdered and the officer should be jailed, however I don’t feel all police are against black people. In fact black gangs kill each other in huge numbers but the BLM group doesn’t seem to be concerned about them. So how can they even claim BLM when they don’t fight to stop the gangs.

  38. Paul E Backs July 22, 2020

    No Shxxt? Tell the other idiots that sit next to you.

  39. Woodie Thompson July 22, 2020

    He is absolutely right I respect his courage in saying so ?

  40. Trish July 22, 2020

    Even if. Blm. Why don’t black baby lives matter. People! We need to get our heads on straight. This is so far OIT of hand we are destroying ourselves.

  41. Terry July 22, 2020

    Absolutely right. Remember, the authorities and most people once backed the KKK too. That’s why the US Constitution protects against mob rule/tyranny of the majority. The majority supported Jim Crow laws, for instance.

  42. Stuart Ledis July 22, 2020

    All lives matter .this council msn 100 percent correct . Saying just “black lives matter” is rscist and divisive. Mural has no place on city streets.basketbslls gave floors. Players shirts . It is a racist and politicsl statement and should be removed from sporting events .streets.public property. .government employee emails (and its all over government employees “work email accounts” and needs to be stopped

  43. Lynda July 22, 2020

    How about “American Lives Matter!”

  44. Ross July 22, 2020

    down. Lives matter..all BLM is doing is making people
    racists. In a time when we need a call for unity BLM
    Antifa and the DemonRATS applauded the violence
    and protect the criminals.
    I don’t want a war but I believe that those who are
    threatening our country will start a war they can’t win.

  45. KathyB July 22, 2020

    Tony Timpa’s life mattered. This is a police accountability and reform issue, not a race issue. This young man was white, yet with officers pinning him to the ground, he too drew his last breaths – 4 years before Floyd suffered the same fate. “All lives can’t matter until Black lives matter” is a BS meme. BLM doesn’t give a rat’s tail about black lives. Only 19% of BLM participants are black; 82% are white – many of those are Antifa terrorists. “Black Lives Matter” emblazoned across a mural or a public street is as racist as a burning cross on a front lawn.
    Had Tony’s death not been swept under the rug, George Floyd – and a number of others – may still be alive. And perhaps the rampant rioting may have been at least postponed – though the Democrats are pretty intent on destroying the Constitution every on of them swore to uphold (…if anyone wants to talk about lying under oath).

  46. Larry July 22, 2020

    The only way BLACK LIVES MATTER should have a sign displayed and backed by any government body is if there is an equal sized sign for every race right next to it. That is the only way you will not be supporting a race war or be sued for discrimination.

  47. James Spadea July 22, 2020

    Black lives matter is completely racist but it raises a lot of money for democrats.take it down.stop trying to change history by destroying statues and monuments they were put where they are for a historic reason if anyone doesn’t like it leave. I will support the president and the Constitution

  48. Patricia July 22, 2020

    One officer did something so terrible and we all agree but all I keep hearing black privilege people say is white people need to die because of this situation. If so many people hate us white people then maybe my taxes should stop being used by democrats to keep you living off the government. If all you privileged black people are so worried about your communities why are you not doing anything to help but tell us white people we have to die. I never did nothing to anyone and never was racist but when all I hear is my white needs to be dead we have a problem. From what I see if you kill us white people off you will have to work and obey laws like I do and be responsible for your family. But I am sick of being told I need to die to make it right. This is America and I am an American like so many other races and I find it not only racist but I find it as an act of threaten my life. You have a problem then take it up with the democrats not the republicans and especially with white people you don’t even know. I don’t see you threaten any other race, why is that. You are blaming everyone for what some idiot cop did to one black guy yet you want all white people to die for it. Black people and other races have more rights then I do so how do you figure I should die. You seriously have a problem when you say white people need to die. If you don’t like white people then I am sure there are countries that are mostly black find it and leave. This is America we are all Americans and we want to live the American way. ????????????????????

  49. Old Fur Trapper July 22, 2020

    Spears is a threat to that council! Obviously his opinions are too far left bordering on violence to contribute anything of value! He can’t protect his position because BLM members have been killing black people and police officers! They were established as a terrorist group and they are doing exactly that! Furthermore, all donations going to them go right into Democratic politicians pockets! So democratic polecats do not want this organization shut down.

  50. Alex Czeranko July 22, 2020

    I will comment on this as I have stated on some other internet sites. If black lives matter where is the outrage by Black Lives Matter on the killings by blacks on blacks in Chicago and other cities. Or is BLM only concerned with whites killing blacks ? If this is the case then that is racist.
    I have heard nothing from those in charge of BLM on the black on black killings. Especially on the killing of the young black children in these cities

  51. Charles July 22, 2020


  52. Larry July 22, 2020

    the councilman is right and Kevin Spears is a Racists himself and with his attitude has no right being a councilmember

  53. H.D. July 22, 2020

    Where was the outrage in 2016 when a White man in Dallas Texas died under the same circumstances as Floyd did? Were is the outrage when 43 unarmed people are shot in 2019, 19 are White, 9 are Black, and the rest are other races. Where is the outrage when Police officers are being assassinated by Criminal Terrorists, rioting in cities all over the USA?

  54. Bob July 22, 2020

    If the BLM movement was truly interested in justice then they would sit down with people of nationalities and work peace fully to make change not to riot and kill and burn down buildings. That is what people with common sense would do.Wait until the silent majority has had it’s fill of this crap, then all hell will break loose.

  55. Jeannette July 22, 2020

    If the BLM matter movement declares black lives matter, they will NOT matter until ALL black lives matter, but now only certain black lives matter. Don’t lecture whites and try to make whites responsible for all the problems of blacks, when blacks will not stand up to protect their own children who are being murdered on a daily basis in Chicago and Kansas City. It is the responsibility of the blacks to change the culture and put the fathers back in the family to shepherd and raise their children properly. And what is disgraceful is that the founder of BLM was indicted for sexual crimes against children — CHILDREN and you will follow him like lemmings. This councilman is right.

  56. Randy Justice July 22, 2020

    It’s about time for us to show these loud mouthed children exactly what we think about their dam BLM schitt !!! just defund the police for a week and we will put a stop to all this BLM garbage once and for all !!! You people have got it all wrong, the police aren’t protecting the regular people from the thugs, they are protecting the THUGS FROM US REGULAR PEOPLE !!! WITHOUT THE LIBERAL LAWS PROTECTING THE BLM THUGS, WE WOULD BE FREE TO PROTECT OURSELVES AND KILL THESE COMMUNIST FOOLS !!! DEFUND THE POLICE AND LET US PROTECT OURSELVES AND OUR FAMILIES, PLEASE !!!

  57. Marlene July 22, 2020

    Could someone please tell me the difference between the BLM and the KKK?

  58. Sam R July 22, 2020

    Unborn Lives Matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Dan July 23, 2020

    I agree that phrase “Black Lives Matter” is racist, selective, exclusive & divisive message. It should be “ALL LIVES MATTER” because USA is a diverse country. Black, Brown, Yellow, Red & other race descriptions matter. In fact the children & unborn babies’ Lives Also Matters. This should be our American motto and principles to promoted, praise and celebrated. This action will unite the United States as one. God Bless Us All.

  60. Jane Stacy July 23, 2020

    blm is now a terrorist group and should be completly dismantled

  61. Don July 23, 2020

    All Lives do Matter
    Like a small child of any other color see and hears this crap what does the small child thinks about itself.
    Beside white is also a color Look at a box of Crayons the box is a box of colors.

  62. Don July 23, 2020

    And all the money returned

  63. Nicholas Bertram July 23, 2020

    I don’t understand why Trump can pass another executive order that would classify BLM as a terrorist organization. He was able to do that with ANTIFA

  64. Nicholas Bertram July 23, 2020

    It’s really sickening, HD, that some media outlets are still falsely reporting that George Floyd was killed. They do it on purpose to spin their “systemic racism” narrative.

  65. Nicholas Bertram July 23, 2020

    These people are so gullible. My brother told me about a woman who was interviewed a few months ago. She said that if Joe Biden raped her daughter, she would still vote for him.

  66. David L Stokes July 23, 2020

    BLM is no dofferent than then the KKK, but with a different name, one that suggests a differnt meaning than the sick ideoligy that they really are. They are Marxists, Racists, Police Hating, Violent Criminals, destroying innocent people’s businesses, tax payers money (they dont work, but for George Soros). They want to over throw the government and make our women wear full coverings like their Muslim leaders, they are non traditional family (non-binary: woman with woman/man with man). In fact, two of their finace managers (that funnel their money to the Democratic Party) were on the terrorist watch list. They need to be labeled a domestic terrorist organization! Just in Springfield Ohio, one of their members knelt with his knee on a two year old Caucasion child’s neck while another menber held the child down crying, hands behind his back, while his girlfriend (the child’s mother) took pictures and they both posted it on Facebook. He’s in jail now from other warrants and facing felony charges over it. If this is what you support, you can go to hell!!

  67. Betty July 23, 2020

    The “country” does not treat blacks like they don’t matter. Individuals are racist and they come in all colors.

  68. Christopher Kennedy July 23, 2020

    Good for that man ! Happy to hear someone had the guts to say what a lot of people are thinking. All lives matter isn’t sufficient ??? Why not ??? And of course President Trump is right . BLM is a radical Marxist organization who wants white people too pay for the sins of are long dead ancestors. Not going to happen.

  69. Bob dylan July 24, 2020

    Im glad he agrees with the rest of the real Americans. The man held his knee on George’s Neck which is in prison and charged accordingly. He got justice served. So one black guy dies. At the hand of police thing is WAY MORE white people die by the police then blacks, Hispanics do. And we know if you dont listen to an officer or obey there authority there will be repercussions around here theyll knock your A*S out with a baton for even being a smart elic. So you gonna suffer the consequences. But i guess blacks think there above the law in these hoods so they dont have to obey.

  70. Michael Olsen August 2, 2020

    Could not have said this better.

    The (leaders) of this domestic terrorist organization havr declared themselves “MARXIST”

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