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Trump orders census to only count citizens


President Trump continues to keep his campaign promise to put Americans first, this time by using an executive order that says the U.S. Census should only count citizens, not illegal aliens.

“We will collect all of the information we need to conduct an accurate census and to make responsible decisions about public policy, voting rights, and representation in Congress,” said Trump.

But that doesn’t mean counting the many people who came to the U.S. Illegally.

“Giving congressional representation and political influence to illegal aliens — people who have blatantly disregarded our laws — would be a perversion of our democratic principles,” said Kayleigh McEnany, President Trump’s Press Secretary in a statement.

The statement said that counting illegal aliens for the purposes of creating congressional districts “could also create perverse incentives – such as potentially rewarding states that encourage violations of Federal immigration law – that would undermine our system of government.”

Previously, the administration wanted to include a citizenship question on the census, but that question was eliminated by the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) in a 5-4 opinion in which Justice Roberts sided with progressives on the court.

“Can anyone really believe that as a great Country, we are not able the ask whether or not someone is a Citizen,” Trump tweeted at the time. “Only in America!”

After the decision by SCOTUS, the administration made plans to reintroduce the citizenship question, as the court decision seemed to indicate only an issue with a technical aspect of why the question was being included and didn’t imply a blanket prohibition from asking the question. But later the administration dropped another court challenge.

“I have accordingly determined that respect for the law and protection of the integrity of the democratic process warrant the exclusion of illegal aliens from the apportionment base, to the extent feasible and to the maximum extent of the President’s discretion under the law,” the new executive order on the census states according to CNN.

Progressives in government and out of government have promised to challenge the president’s authority to legally enforce such an order.

“The House of Representatives will vigorously contest the President’s unconstitutional and unlawful attempt to impair the Census,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Tuesday.

“We’ll see him [Trump] in court, and win, again,” said Dale Ho, director of the ACLU’s Voting Rights Project.

“This order isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on and will be struck down by the courts,” said Senate Democrat Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

But at least one conservative was thanking President Trump for protecting citizens.

“I applaud President @realDonaldTrump’s decision to exclude illegal aliens from the U.S. Census count when apportioning congressional districts,” said Congressman Andy Biggs (R-AZ).

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  1. Avatar
    DeavenDea July 22, 2020

    Andy Biggs of R-Arizona I agree 100%with you to congratulate President Donald Trump for not allowing non-citizens to be included in the census. In California it is one big mess for us Citizens because of Attorney General Xavier Baccerra of California and California Govenor Gavin Newsome who care more for the illegal immigrants and Undocumented immigrants who come into our country for freebies.

  2. Avatar
    Michelle Jenkinson July 22, 2020

    I love my President! MAGA!

  3. Avatar
    JoeyP July 22, 2020

    All Christians, LET’S PRAY that this question on the census is allowed and that the ERROR of the COURTS will be both REVEALED and CHANGED. GOD ANSWERS PRAYER! This is NOT God’s will to allow ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS any say in our government policies . . . they should be DEPORTED – PERMANENTLY, never allowed to return. One Enlightened and DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  4. Avatar
    RICHARD J WEBER July 22, 2020

    Why are democrats so determined to include illegals in the census to determine monies to be spent and voting districts to be formed when as law breakers illegals are meant to be arrested and returned back to to where the are legal citizens why is that so hard for some to understand?

  5. Avatar
    Terry July 22, 2020

    How is it impairing the census? Criminal aliens are not allowed to be counted to form congressional districts (the reason for the census) so, any House action to that affect would be to impair the census. Why does Pelosi want to impair the census? This should be investigated.

  6. Avatar
    busseja July 22, 2020

    Illegal aliens give California an additional 5 house seats and 5 electoral college votes. Millions of illegals vote and they don’t even have to cast a ballot.

  7. Avatar
    Patricia July 22, 2020

    That seems only fair and I would stress that cities and states who harbor them be defunded as well. Maybe should think about making all law officials federal not state then this crap happening would be allowed. America First thank you President Trump. I would deport Omar and several others because they hate America. No place for America haters send them away.

  8. Avatar

    What is the value of being an American if anyone can vote, received=e Social Security Benefits, receive privileges that they have not earned. Many come here legally & never become a citizen & think it’s okay because they pay taxes! There is no commitment! Any privileges owed to a citizen should not be available to any non-citizens!

  9. Avatar
    Cheryl July 22, 2020

    Because Obama and Holder have been hard at work redistricting states to their advantage. That way they can have more representatives and I am pretty sure it effects the electoral college. They need to be stopped.

  10. Avatar
    Cheryl July 22, 2020

    We should not be counting non-citizens in the census.

  11. Avatar
    Cheryl July 22, 2020

    Not to mention the extra taxpayer money the state would get.

  12. Avatar
    Yarbles July 22, 2020


    I WILL NOT fill out a census form that does not differentiate between CITIZEN AND ILLEGAL ALIEN.

  13. Avatar
    elloyd_tunt July 23, 2020

    “Trump orders census to only count citizens”
    This headline, written as such is ‘fake news’!
    President Trump did not ‘order Census to only count citizens’, he stated that only American citizens would be counted for the apportionment of U.S. Representatives for Congress.
    Illegal Immigrants, a.k.a. undocumented immigrants will be counted for Census records just as they always have been.

  14. Avatar
    Angry Vet July 23, 2020

    These Democrats who want to include NON CITIZENS in the census need to visit another country. As a NON CITIZEN, you cannot participate in the political discussions of that country. Democrats want to encourage criminals to vote because they vote for the Democrats. Democrats also want to get more power which happens when these NON CITIZENS are counted in the census. We need to keep the Census focused on American Citizens!

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