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Portland Mayor tear-gassed by police during protest photo op

Portland’s Mayor was tear-gassed late Wednesday night as he stood with protesters against the presence of federal agents in Portland.

“A riot was declared in Portland just after midnight Thursday morning after Mayor Ted Wheeler’s tense visit with protesters — where he was booed, told to resign, given a list of demands and tear-gassed by federal agents,” says Fox News.

Wheeler, who has opposed President Trump’s surge of federal agents into Portland to put down rioting, accused the agents of making the situation in Portland worse.

“They are sharply escalating the situation. Their presence here is actually leading to more violence and more vandalism. And it’s not helping the situation at all,” Wheeler said on CNN’s State of the Union, according to the Associated Press.

Wheeler joined the protest to hear the grievances of the crowd who say they have been “violated repeatedly” by Portland Police and federal agents.

But as protests grew out of hand — throwing projectiles, fireworks and starting fires — Portland Police declared a riot and ordered the crowd to disperse just after 12:30 a.m.  

CNN for one said that the federal response was “measured” and that tear gas was used to combat fires that had been set during the riot.

“CNN witnessed a noticeably more measured response by federal agents compared to previous evenings. Rather than lining up in formation to march protesters back several blocks, federal agents used crowd dispersant projectiles and tear gas long enough to extinguish the flames that had been set, before retreating back into the federal building,” said the network.

President Trump says he’s not backing down and will send police resources anywhere they are needed in America.

“We’re going to have more federal law enforcement, that I can tell you,” Trump said Monday. “In Portland, they’ve done a fantastic job. They’ve been there three days, and they really have done a fantastic job in a very short period of time.”

Over the last two months, the country, including Portland, has witnessed a severe degradation of America’s ability to police itself.

“The average police response time in June and July for high-priority burglaries,” for example, “increased 150 percent, to 16 minutes this year” in Portland says Fox News.

“In June and July of 2017, 2018 and 2019, respectively, it took officers an average of 6 minutes to respond to such calls.”

The problem is that police are too busy taking care of Mayor Wheeler’s protesters– and protesters in other cities– to do the job of day-to-day policing.

And ten minutes feels like an eternity when waiting for the police to come.

Unfortunately for some Americans who have been victims of violence over the last few months, eternity came too early.

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  1. Jojodmonkey July 23, 2020

    The scumbag should have been leadballed by the feds!

  2. Thomas McBride July 23, 2020


  3. Kim July 23, 2020

    He shouldn’t have been there. He’s not taking care of Portland. He just stands for the terrists.

  4. Jane Stacy July 23, 2020

    good all the asshle democrats should be gasses

  5. Gary July 23, 2020

    Finally, some good news. Mayor Wheeler of Portland , Oregon was tear gassed while standing with the rioters . And, the best part was , his “supporters” leveled all kinds of invective upon him . The demanded that he resign the office. He got NO gratitude from that anarchists . Being an idiot, he deserved it.

  6. Debbie July 23, 2020

    Hysterically Funny…..this guy died t belong I. Government… hiwxsn he let this continue what about the people who voted for him….pretty sure they are not among this protesters

  7. Kathe Gilbert July 23, 2020

    Portland Mayor got a taste of what many have had to endure by the Rioters/Protestors actions toward Portland citizens, which the Mayor apparently has ignored. He has been in Error as to protecting the BLM/Antifa and other anti-American groups involved with the destruction of property for which business and taxpayer have to pay for. No sir, this Mayor got what he deserved. Blaming Trump is a No No.

  8. Alex Kay July 23, 2020

    Blue Lives Matter! Good job done by police! Defund all demoncratics mayors who supported riots looting and protest against our country!
    Trump 2020!

  9. L July 23, 2020

    That CNN is nothing but a piece of shit. And that mayor should be kicked out of office. I can’t stand these leaders that promote violence and trouble for their city just because they hate trump. They should all go to prison.

  10. Victoria Geyer July 23, 2020

    Splutter, snort, snort… So (not) sorry. I have to laugh. If he’s out there supporting the violence, he gets what he gets. Don’t throw a fit.

  11. Donna L Stroup July 23, 2020

    You got what you deserve! Youre just as incompetent as the rest of the liberal politicians!

  12. AmericanPatriot July 23, 2020

    Too bad he was not SHOT by one of the uncivilized rioters!

  13. Art Fontaine July 23, 2020

    I feel for the citizens who are victimized , but the ones who voted Democrat should have realized by now…there’s a reason the 240 worst places to live in America are run 100% by Democrats.

    Their ideology destroys every aspect of society where ever they control. At some point, for places like Baltimore and Detroit, one has to wonder how you could give Dems full control for 50+ years and the area just gets worse & worse but you still vote Democrat.

    Republicans have changed a lot over the last 20yrs, for the better. There are still about 30 RINOs that need removal but now its about individual rights for all Americans & getting back to the freedom the founders intended us to have…smaller govt, doing more at the local & state level so problems actually get solved instead of some idiot in DC deciding what a town they have never been to, needs…They definitely aren’t racist….with the DNC’s history, they have a lot of nerve trying to spread that lie, certainly the pot calling the kettle black. There was no switch an Robert Byrd and JILLIAN Fullbright never changed & became civil rights icon…there are 0 articles that exist in physical form from the 60s or 70s to suggest such a thing, only a website which anyone can make it say anything, but Byrd started the longest filibuster in historytrying to block the Civil rights act of 64 and also fought to prevent blacks from voting too. He established the KKK in WV , they didn’t have 1 prior (I was surprised too). Fulbright was a staunch segragationist til the end. He & Byrd both died in office (2005 & 2010) There was a period in the 50s where being in the klan wasn’t prohibited in the GoP but in contrast the entire Democrat party was all KKK at that time, so it was culturally acceptable & the GoP lost its way for a bit…but they remembered and there were none til David Duke who was a Democrat who ran as a Republican after losing as a Democrat, with no internet it took a bit before he got found out but they pounced on him hard and he resigned quick, so even by the 80s they were strongly opposed to racism again and now they certainly are.

    Trump gets called a racist for stuff taken out of context & misrepresented but nothing can change the fact that he opened Trump resorts to black people before desegregation took place & as president years later established many programs that were working. The wage gap was smaller, lowest minority unemployment in history, before covid, things were the best they had ever been for every demographic. If Democrats cared about minorities the would have made progress since 64, but the DC elites just see you as chess pieces, and thats the whole DNC & a handful of RINOs pulling the strings.

    Trump may be a dink at times but he has done more good than the last several combined.

  14. Richard B MacCarthy July 23, 2020

    Time to remove that mayor from office send him back to pasture

  15. Richard Paul July 23, 2020

    Hopefully he got the messages when he was bood and resigns and takes any pension if any as a good jester from the many discussed Portland citizens.

  16. Michael Groves July 23, 2020

    Love it. I would like to have seen him beat with a club and arrested too for unlawful assembly.

  17. Richard L Caroselli July 23, 2020

    Mayor Wheeler:

    Peaceful protesters have every right to protest. However, the Antifa led rioters who loot, burn and attack police are criminals and deserve to be treated as such. The Left-leaning Democratic party remains mute to the fact that they are allowing their cities to be destroyed by paid actors who are in many cases white punks paid to incite thugs to destroy our cities, states, government and economy. You sir are in violation of your oath of office as is every Democratic Mayor, Senator, or Congressional Representative who is complicit in such destruction by endorsing and supporting such actions without stopping it. You have failed the electorate! New York city allowed more than 10-days of such nonsense and you have made them look like cub scouts. What a disgraceful group of politicians. Your only concern is for your career jobs in politics with all of the opportunities of insiders. You care nothing for Black Lives Matter. You should all just stick your heads in a toilet and flush it repeatedly. Maybe then, you will come to your moral senses and realize that the collateral damage done to innocent men, women and children is an abomination. I guess George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi will be very proud of you traitors to the American people.

  18. MSGT JOHN CORREA July 23, 2020

    I warned for several years since my research into the movement of the Democratic Party dating back to the 1920s whom I have identified as the “Democratic Communist Party (DCP) in America that have been violating the Constitution of the United States with the intent of destroying the sovereign Republic of the United States. In fact, even Thomas Jefferson was fully aware of the Democrats intention for America with them as the sole rulers. The Democratic Party and its followers must be destroyed before they destroy the principles of our nation’s Founding Fathers, and our freedoms.

    USAF (RET)

  19. Marty G Watson July 23, 2020

    He needs a rubber bullet. Protest at the mayor’s house and all will be fine.

  20. Susan Mars July 23, 2020

    Thank you MSGT Correa. Firstly for your service to our great country and secondly by standing up to these lawless Democrats who are our to destroy our country. Nancy Pelosi should be behind bars not the Speaker. Schiff should be in jail along with Brennan, Comey, Strzok and Lisa Page. I am terrified of what our country will become if the Democrats take control.

  21. Ronald Gunn July 23, 2020

    I guess this low down demoRAT is as big a wimp as the rest of the low down demoRATS!

  22. Pollty July 23, 2020

    Well when you support lawlessness what do you think will happen to you.Actually he should be removed from office

  23. Jack July 23, 2020

    They should have shined lasers in his eyes then took him out with a rubber bullet! Let Portland burn to the ground! The country would be better off without those domestic terrorists! Conservative rural Oregonians are good people though!

  24. Frederick I Feuerstein July 23, 2020

    They should take these traitorous bastards out and kick them to death!!!

  25. Dana July 23, 2020

    Mayor of Portland should resign! He is not protecting Oregonians,he is following only his own selfish socialist agenda!

  26. Dana July 23, 2020

    Mayor Wheeler resign!!!

  27. jay hammer July 23, 2020

    this sob should be personally responsible for all the damage the burning looting that he has condoned. he has protected the scum burning the city down. no business should stay in this city. take the jobs and the services somewhere else. not a penny of federal money should go to this shit hole city.

  28. Ken Wade July 23, 2020

    They should have kicked him in the nuts and arrested him!

  29. john john July 23, 2020

    The building they burn are just that a building. All things tworn down including every statue will be replaced. The dark of Saten is showing. Clear to see who is in line for everlasting hell ask any one in there 20’s that thinks everything should be theres as most of them do!!!

  30. Laughing atyou July 23, 2020


  31. Laughing atyou July 23, 2020

    The rioters should have been throwing bricks and frozen water bottles at her. Peacefully of course.

  32. Keith C. Haas July 23, 2020

    Taking off the kids gloves is past due when it comes to dealing with people who destroy and harm others . Our Minnesota Governor and the equally bird brained Mayor of Minneapolis sat on their hands and let these degenerates destroy $900 million in property and put a number of hard working people out of jobs and businesses. This isn’t going to end by leaving the democrats rule. All they want to do is blame Trump for everything. The democrat’s think they can score political points by doing this. You want this nonsense to stop ? Take back your city , your state , and your country ? Vote the democrats out of office all all levels.

  33. regina July 24, 2020

    I don’t know which ones I despise more, the scum who is nothing but hoods – probable living off the taxpayers dime – or the spineless governors and mayors that allow this to go on. God help this country if the democrats or slow joe gets in office.

  34. Marie July 24, 2020

    Love that he was tear gassed and ignored!!

  35. Yarbles July 24, 2020

    You CANNOT appease the MOB, Teddy boy.

    YOU got what you deserved. Just be glad they didn’t LASER YOUR EYES like they did some Federal Agents trying to quell the RIOTS YOU CONDONE.

    After the Laser incident, IT IS SHOOT TO KILL FOR ME.

  36. George McBenge July 24, 2020

    This idiot doesn’t realize that he has provided photographic evidence of aiding and abetting AND participating in unlawful assembly for the purpose of non-peaceful protest! Treat him just like the other domestic terrorists.

  37. jerseybadger July 24, 2020

    somebody finally got something right

  38. OBSIDIAN July 24, 2020

    We need to bring back tar and feathering.

  39. Charles Williamson July 24, 2020

    Great job mr president trump we are behind you 100 per cent

  40. Charles Williamson July 24, 2020

    Great job mr president trump we are behind you 100 per cent you have done a better job than anyone in history

  41. Jsjshhshshs hshsh July 24, 2020

    He should have got on one knee

  42. BobbyK July 24, 2020

    Never mind the “Silent Majority” waking up but “White – Caucasians “ as well. I, for one, white male is not and was never privileged. I’ve been working from an early age of 12 and I am not complaining. I am a USMC Vietnam Vet, retired as a police officer for over 25 years. I love my country. I refuse to be a door mat for anyone. Stand up – UNITE – and start fighting back anyway possible. God bless the USA.

  43. Marlene July 24, 2020

    The democrats are always so surprised when the mobs turn on them. Did they really think they could control their creation?

  44. Joseph Stonelake July 24, 2020

    He is no Mayor, He is a THUG, Plant from another WORLD, He is a DESTROYER of law abiding city’s, the ANTI CHRIST. Disbar him and Lock him up. Let him and his fellow conspirator’s pay the bill for the damages and all costs associated with it.

  45. American DaddyOH July 24, 2020

    LOL, the perfect example of the old adage “You lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas”.

  46. Velma Saccone July 24, 2020

    I agree with everything you said Master Sargent.

  47. Velma Saccone July 24, 2020

    That is exactly what I will be doing – voting Republican. We must oust all the Demoncrats and restore Law and Order and protect our Constitution and Freedoms.

  48. Barbara Johns July 29, 2020

    Well said

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