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Redwood City washes street of BLM mural after MAGA request

Redwood City, California had second thoughts about allowing street art on city streets after a Donald Trump supporter asked for equal billing for pro-Trump messages side-by-side with Black Lives Matters.

The city previously allowed artists to paint a temporary “Black Lives Matter” mural on a city street.

“Redwood City resident Dan Pease organized the efforts to install the temporary mural as part of a Fourth of July public art celebration after getting approval from the city,” says the UK’s Guardian, “which also supplied the yellow poster board paint that would gradually wash away, according to KPIX, a local CBS affiliate.”

But when Trump supporter, Maria Rutenburg, said she thought a MAGA message would also be great for the new public art space, city officials balked.

“I saw a ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign appearing on Broadway Street on the asphalt and I figured that’s gonna be a new public space, open for discussion, and I wanted to get my message out, too,” Rutenburg told KPIX.

Instead, the city determined that it would be best if the BLM art was washed off the street.

“No further art installation will be authorized on the city’s streets,” city spokeswoman Jennifer Yamaguma wrote in an email, according to the LA Times.

Since then, Rutenburg’s private information has been released in online forums.

“I get like about 500 calls a day right now,” she said. “Some people thank me for doing it. Some people tell me, ‘I know where you live, and I’m going to come for you.’”

But she emphasizes that she didn’t mean any disrespect for the BLM message, she sincerely just wanted her own message to be included.

“I’d like to make it clear now: this is not the outcome I wanted, nor one that I requested,” she wrote on Facebook according to the Guardian.

“I made my request because I saw that the courthouse square was being used as a public forum, and, as a Redwood City resident, wanted to participate,” she added.

But the organizer of the BLM street art was outraged by Rutenburg’s request.  

“Black Lives Matter is not a political statement,” he told KRON-TV. “Black Lives Matter is a human rights issue. Black Lives Matter is a call; it’s a message, it’s a symbol.

“For Pease, the most disheartening part is not that the city removed the art piece, but that someone had ‘the audacity to come out with … a comparable counterpunch to Black Lives Matter.’”

The city claims the BLM art was removed because it represented a safety threat to drivers who might be distracted by the art.

PHOTO: Emily Steinberger/Daily Journal

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  1. Jean Watson July 23, 2020

    Rutenburg was correct, that street became a public form when BLM was painted on it. She had a right to request her message be seen. Fair is fair.

  2. Christopher graham July 23, 2020

    BLM is a domestics terrorist group and should not be aloud to paint their graffiti on public property or burn or loot or destroy government, private or public property they are a criminal organization and should be treated as such. They need to pay restitution (financially) for all the damage and looting and burning of business and property that they have caused along with ANTIFA, the insurance companies and business need to sue them for there damages. and the leaders of the group need to be charged with the death of the personnel that happened during the riots. I have been told to shut up, my live has been threaten for speaking out against BLM and ANTIFIA but I will not be silence for speaking the true For any more of this nonsense I will be suing not only BLM and ANTIFIA for slander and threats also I’m going to include the house and senate and governors and mayors that are allowing this to take place.

  3. ILoveEzell July 23, 2020

    I agree. I thought that equality means equal rights. Maybe I’m wrong.

  4. Virginia Frohlick July 23, 2020

    If BLM weren’t Marxist then I would want the street art to remain. We don’t need no stinking Marxists in the USA.

  5. Eric July 23, 2020

    California is not known for equal rights for conservative views! It’s funny though that they said that the BLM is not a political statement but a human rights issue but since the BLM protests or riots as the leader of th NY CITY BLM chapter called them when he said “if we dont get what we want we will burn it all down” has started the human rights of every black intercity citizens have been violated in towns like Chicago were scores of shootings of people including children sitting in their homes has skyrocketed with ABSOLUTELY no word about their HUMAN RIGHTS from BLM! With the deaths and shootings happening in BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS you have to ask yourself what is it they want? Because they refuse to sit down and talk about it but that’s just it, theydont want to talk because if someone gave them what they wanted then the power grab and money grab would have to end! You cannot ask Americans to TAKE BLM seriously if they do not take Americans seriously!

  6. tymtrvlr July 23, 2020

    You are dealing with communists, there is no fair there. blm has nothing to do with race, it is all about laundering donations to the commiecrat party. Nothing more.

  7. Pollty July 23, 2020

    Communists evil Look at China

  8. Will Triebel July 23, 2020

    All are equal, but some are more equal than others. Orwell did get some things right.

  9. Dr. G July 23, 2020

    I call a BM on BLM “justifications”.

  10. Dr. G July 23, 2020

    I cal a big fat stinky BM on the BLM “logic”.

  11. Theo Lipth July 23, 2020

    I agree if it’s a public forum then all views should get presented. BLM views are starting to come across as facist.

  12. Angry Gram July 23, 2020

    If the BLM movement REALLY cared about about black lives, they would step up for ALL black lives, not just the ones who agree with their mission statemen.

  13. Yarbles July 24, 2020


    I know just how to do it.

  14. OldDude July 24, 2020

    So tired of all this woke BS… so tired… and the way things SEEM to always be twisted in favor of the left is gettin real old too!

  15. Phylis Sipes July 24, 2020

    BLM is supported by big corporations. It is a front for socialist push to do away with American’s constitutional rights. She was absolutely right with her request.

  16. philip b. ekstedt July 25, 2020

    equality???? since when was there any inkling of equality by the left .. and why say “city” .. when it was the leftys in the “city” government that groveled at the feet of BLM .. SYCHOPHANTS … they have names and faces … cowards , hypocrites one and all …

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