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Kansas City Mayor sides with cops, not criminals, in anti-doxing law

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas wants to make “doxing” police officers and public officials with “malicious intent” a crime, and yesterday he introduced legislation for the city to that effect.

He took to social media to announce his plans.

In a Facebook post, he said he was responding to comments made by families of officers who have been threatened because activists are releasing the private telephones and addresses of cops online.

“Our public employees have a right to get home safely and their families should be free from harm,” said Lucas. “I condemn any sharing of police officer addresses and personal details and I look forward to Council joining me to make such actions against officers, our city employees, and other public servants illegal in Kansas City.”

Kansas City, like many larger cities under Democrat control, has seen an upswing in violence over the last six weeks. As a result, the Department of Justice surged federal officers to the city to help keep illegal guns off the streets and cut down on the number of shootings.  

So far in 2020, there have been 107 homicides in Kansas City, MO this year and 156 in the metro area.

In an identical post on Twitter, Lucas shared his legislative proposal.

Like other mayors, Lucas is treading a fine line between pandering to left-wing activists who want dollars from police budgets to go to community organizing and ordinary citizens who want safe cities for themselves and their kids.

While Lucas hasn’t opposed a federal presence in Kansas City, he’s dismayed that the Department of Justice didn’t share plans with him to send federal agents to his city.

“I would have liked to know more about what the operation looks like,” he said.

Attorney General Bill Bar says that the operations in Kansas City are only targeted at the recent increase in violent crime, shootings and murder in the city, unlike in Portland, where federal agents are battling rioters each night.

“We will continue to confront mob violence,” Barr said. “But, the operations we are discussing today are very different; they are classic crime-fighting.”

Statistics from the Kansas City Police Department show that 74 percent of the victims of homicide in Kansas City this year are Black with 55 percent under the age of 45.

As a result, Lucas is siding with residents over criminals in the DOJ’s surge of agents to Kansas City and in his anti-doxing law.  

“I want to see violent criminals off our streets,” Lucas said in a statement to KCTV5. “I want to see this program work. I hope the federal government can trust local leaders to know and care about their communities, and to communicate accurate information about the number of arrests and the nature of this mission.”

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  1. PS July 24, 2020

    Good for HIM..Finally a politician with common sense. It SHOULD be a crime to dox people. Also they need to how the internet companies responsible that give out personal info that leads to harm of citizens.

  2. Karma Cumming July 25, 2020

    It’s always a positive sign when a democrat mayor siding with law & order. Releasing addresses of officers & anyone opposed to the far left ideology for the soul purpose to intimidate & harass peace officers & their families to be subservient supporters of the cancel culture & anti American terror groups ie; BLM/Antifa should be against the law Nationally

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