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Sen. Cruz: Democrats keeping businesses and schools closed to hurt Trump

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) says that Democrats are trying to keep businesses and schools closed so that President Donald Trump suffers in the presidential election.

“We’re 100 days out from the presidential election and the only objective Democrats have is to defeat Donald Trump. And they’ve cynically decided the best way to defeat Donald Trump is shut down every business in America, shut down every school in America,” Cruz told CBS news.

Cruz took aim at the Democrats’ ideas for a new coronavirus relief bill, which Congress is expected to take up this week.

“The policy that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are pushing adds an additional $600 a week of federal money to unemployment,” Cruz said. “Except, the problem is, for 68 percent of people receiving it right now, they are being paid more on unemployment than they made in their job.”

The Texas senator says due to the federal government’s previous stimulus bills, workers in his state won’t return to their jobs because they are making more staying home.

“I’ll tell you, I’ve spoken to small business owners all over the state of Texas who are trying to reopen and they’re calling their waiters and waitresses, they’re calling their busboys, and they won’t come back,” Cruz said. “And, of course, they won’t come back because the federal government is paying them, in some instances, twice as much money to stay home.”

Democrats, including the powerful teacher’s union, continue to oppose reopening schools. In several places such as Los Angeles, the union is asking for unrelated legislation to pass before they reopen such as defunding the police, cracking down on charter schools, and demanding more federal funding.

Cruz said the focus should instead be on a payroll tax cut and eliminating economic restrictions.

“What we ought to focus on, instead of just shoveling trillions out the door, we ought to be passing a recovery bill. Now, what’s a recovery bill? A recovery bill would be lifting the taxes and the regulations that are hammering small businesses so that people can go back to work, said Cruz. “A recovery bill would suspend the payroll tax, which would give a pay raise to everyone in America who’s working. That actually gets people back to work.”

Cruz is likely outnumbered in Congress as several of his Republican colleagues and the White House have already signaled support for additional stimulus checks and extending some provisions of the previous relief bills.

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