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Steyer pushing Biden to pick a black female as running mate

Former Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer is pushing for former vice president Joe Biden to select a black female as his running mate.

“I’d like it to be an African American woman because I think it’s a statement about where we are, and I know that there’s [sic] some fantastic candidates,” Steyer told CBS News.

Steyer found strong support among African Americans during the primary, especially in South Carolina where he finished in third place. He specifically mentioned both California Sen. Kamala Harris and Congressional Black Caucus chair Karen Bass as potential VP picks. He said that they both would make outstanding candidates but noted that Harris was better known and had broad support.

Steyer, who founded NextGen America, a non-profit advocacy group that mobilizes young activists around the issues of climate change, has been focusing on turning out the youth vote this fall and has pledged to use his resources to help elect Biden.

“This election is about turnout and not how you vote, but whether you vote and the biggest question is young people,” Steyer said.

Steyer has raised more than $12 million for the Biden campaign so far through a series of fundraisers. He’s also been holding virtual climate-focused townhalls with voters in keep battleground states.

The billionaire environmentalist called Biden’s climate change plan a very progressive and thoughtful people-driven approach.

“If you want to talk about climate, start with environmental justice, start in the brown and Black communities where we’ve always concentrated our pollution,” Steyer said. He added that Biden’s plan combines job security with environmental and racial justice, creating a suite of issues that represent his number one priority. 

Steyer is calling on young people to make a difference in the 2020 election. He believes there will be a massive turnout and that the youth need to be a part of it.

“We need every vote, particularly for young people,” Steyer said. “You want to take over this country? You want this world to be safe? You want this world to be one you want to live in? You’ve got to show up and vote,” he said.

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