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‘Whitewashed’ Portland turns more violent, weapons found, shots fired, 8 detained

Federal agents detained six people and local police detained two people for a total of eight protesters detained in Portland on Monday morning as shots were fired near the federal courthouse earlier in the evening. Loaded rifle magazines and several Molotov cocktails were found at a nearby encampment.

“This incident involved a disturbance in Lownsdale Square Park that resulted in one person being shot. That person went to the hospital by private vehicle and received treatment for a non-life threatening gunshot wound,” said a statement by the Portland Police Department.

“Ammunition and destructive devices recovered by Portland Police in the area of this incident at around the same time appear to be unrelated,” the statement added.

The increasing violence leaves Black Lives Matter (BLM) organizers openly worried that the protests are taking legitimacy from the effort to reform the criminal justice system in favor of a more radical socialist and anarchist agenda.

“The children of the privileged are dancing on the stages of those that gave their lives for this movement,” said the president of the Portland branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Ed Mondainé.

Portland has been described as the “whitest” big city in America, with Black Americans making up just six percent of the population.

“I look at this crowd and I don’t see many Black people,” said 21-year-old African American activist, Teal Lindseth. “Oregon is white as hell. Whitewashed.”

But at least one BLM organizer admits that the real goal of the riots in Portland– and across the country– are meant to drive Trump out of office.

“Hopefully, things change by November. I’m feeling good about it, especially with so many youth leading. They’re extremely inspiring, and they’re so organized,” said Tai Carpenter of the activist group Don’t Shoot PDX.

President Trump for one, is not buying the Democrat line that the protesters are “mostly peaceful” reformers that just want to be heard.

“The Lamestream Media, including @FoxNews, which has really checked out, is refusing to show what is REALLY going on in Portland, Seattle, and other places. They want the American public to believe that these are just some wonderful protesters, not radical left ANARCHISTS!,” tweeted the President on Sunday.

In a video posted on Twitter on Sunday night, Democrat House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-CA) is asked to choose between the violence by anarchists in Portland and law and order responded that the violence in Portland is a “myth.”

A myth with bullets and Molotov cocktails; a myth that shoots other protesters and starts fires.  

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  1. Richard Haun July 28, 2020

    Can’t we just Nagasaki or Hiroshima these un American cities

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