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Black residents rally to Trump on violence and federal surge

In wake of President Trump’s mobilization of federal resources to respond to violence in big-city, Black neighborhoods plagued by crime, America seems to finally be having a conversation about how to really make Black lives matter.

And Black residents, according to Reuters, are siding with the president.

Violent crimes like murder and gun play have been out of control in American cities since the end of the country-wide lockdown in the middle of May.  

For example, there were 116 murders in Chicago in the month ending July 19 according to Reuters.

And although previously violent crime has been on the downswing in the U.S., Black populations still account for 43 percent of homicide victims in the U.S. and 80 percent of homicide offenders, despite only being 13 percent of the U.S. population according to data by the FBI.

A recent Reuters survey of Chicago says that eight out of ten residents in Chicago’s wealthier – and whiter– Northside area don’t want federal agents in Chicago to combat violent crime.   

Yet, still, Trump is sending federal agents to big cities, including Chicago, Detroit and Kansas City, despite the protests of largely white residents.

That’s because the “view [of accepting federal help against crime] was often more nuanced on the South and West Sides [of Chicago], where a much higher proportion of residents have experienced violent crime,” says Reuters. And where Black residents are in the majority.   

“They should clean it all up. Just do their job,” said Junior Jaber, a 28-year-old father of two who said he lost a friend who was shot while walking a dog.

“I was mad [when his friend got shot]. He had nothing to do with anything,” said Jaber. “We got to do something. It’s almost like a war zone out here.”

“When you have women and kids getting shot — innocent bystanders — you have residents that feel like something needs to happen,” said Damien Morris, a director of a violence prevention program in Chicago.

It’s not just Chicago, either, where Black residents are feeling overwhelmed by crime and want help.  

In Kansas City, where federal agents were first surged to confront gun crimes, Black residents, under the leadership of a Democrat, Black mayor, are hoping the Trump surge will make a difference.

“We can’t allow these murderers, these monsters, to walk our streets. I think that this might open the door for us to get that witness protection program that we really need,” said KC Mothers In Charge Executive Director Rosilyn Temple, a Black activist who works on anti-violence initiatives.

One former gang member, Cedrick Easterling, who told Reuters that he doesn’t like Trump, is still in favor of Trump’s policies on crime.

“I appreciate it and I like it,” said Easterling of Trump’s surge. He said Trump should mobilize the National Guard in the city to prevent crime. “If you sit at that park, you will hear shots all over Englewood,” he said.

Police Departments in Chicago and Kansas City also want the help by federal agents

Because Trump’s message to criminals is clear, says Chicago Police Superintended David Brown.

“Put your guns down.”

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