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Video shows armed Austin BLM protester looking for trouble moments before he was shot to death

A man who pointed a recently-bought AK-47 at the driver of an automobile and was subsequently shot to death is being lauded as a saint rather than condemned as foolhardy by his fellow Austin, TX protesters. But video moments before his death shows him bragging that no one will stop him from intimidating people with his gun.

A city bench near the scene of the shooting over the weekend was awash with flowers and signs calling for ‘justice’ for Garrett Foster, 28, who was shot multiple times after he allegedly pointed an AK-47 at a car that was surrounded by protesters.

Protesters have surrounded cars as a form of civil disobedience in the George Floyd protests, blocking access in roadways in an attempt to bait the drivers into ramming protesters and causing injuries that can later be used as examples of “racist,” “right-wing” or “police” attacks.  

“My brother would have never, ever pointed a gun at somebody,” said Foster’s sister, Anna Mayo. “He always carried his guns with him. He had a license to carry in Texas — we’re an open carry state. He always would exercise his right to carry, but he would never threaten somebody. He was one of the most kindhearted people — that was the whole reason he was out there.”

Photos from the scene, however, show that Foster apparently had his rifle against his shoulder at the “ready, low,” an aggressive posture for some just looking to carry around a weapon at a protest.


In a video taken shortly before he was shot, Foster, who is white, said he was carrying the AK-47 because his roommate was arrested at a protest and authorities wouldn’t let the BLM protesters march anymore.

“I mean, if I use it against the cops, I’m dead,” Foster said about his weapon. “But I think all the people who hate us and want to say [stuff] to us, are too big of [p—s] to stop it actually or do anything about it.”


Foster is rightly lauded for taking care of his fiancé, Whitney Mitchell, a quadriplegic, who is Black.

“Mitchell and Foster started dating about a decade ago,” says USA Today. “Foster enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in his late teens and had to leave for basic training two months after Mitchell had all four of her limbs amputated after she developed a medical condition that led to sepsis.”

Now Mitchell is alone, without the man who promised to take care of her the rest of her life.

The driver of the car who shot Foster has been released pending the completion of the investigation, but remains unidentified.

“It’s just completely destroyed my family,” Sheila Foster said of her son’s death. 

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