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United Nations spokeswoman issues warning to the United States

On Friday, the United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) warned the United States against using excessive force towards demonstrators and the media as federal officers are deployed across the country. The UNHRC plans to issue guidelines for how the US should approach civil unrest.

“Spokesperson Elizabeth Throssell was answering a reporter’s question about the US authorities deploying federal security officers to various cities to quell demonstrations against racial injustice, sparked by the death of George Floyd, an unarmed African American man, while in police custody in Minneapolis on 25 May,” read a statement issued by the UNHRC.

“Peaceful demonstrations that have been taking place in cities in the US, such as Portland, really must be able to continue without those participating in them – and also, the people reporting on them, the journalists – risking arbitrary arrest or detention, being subject to unnecessary, disproportionate or discriminatory use of force, or suffering other violations of their rights,” said Throssell.

Thus far, there have been no reports of journalists being detained by federal authorities, but there are multiple reports of journalists being attacked by “peaceful” demonstrators. Last week, American Wire reported that two groups claiming to be protest organizers had admitted that they intended to use violence and that their objective was a “revolution.”  

The UNHRC also announced that it would be issuing guidance for the US with regards to how to handle the rioting:

“The Committee will issue a general comment, or guidance, on 29 July, covering issues that include both physical and online protests, public order, and the work of the media,” said Throssell.

The UN issuing guidelines on how to treat “online protests” may be of interest to conservatives who believe that they have been unfairly targeted for censorship because of their political beliefs by social media companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google.

Historically, critics of the UNHRC have pointed out that some member nations have poor records on human rights and are thus unfit to judge other nations’ human rights records, particularly that of the US.

Some current member nations of the UNHRC, which voted in favor of issuing guidance for how the US should treat protestors, include nations such as Libya, Sudan, and Venezuela. The human rights records of those nations feed the critics’ narrative that criticism of the US is born of global anti-Americanism than actual concern over human rights in the US.

Photo Credit: Tedder / Flickr/ License

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  1. Steven Culhane July 28, 2020

    This article is a joke ,right ? Peaceful protestors ? How do you think you can get away with that claim ?

  2. Calvin. Hunter July 28, 2020


  3. Ann Ubelis July 28, 2020

    Ironic, the UN is silent over the 20 Million Chinese Wuygers, Christians, Fulan Gong & Political prisoners exterminated over the last decade. Yet, we have to watch our step over anarchists and terrorists trying to overthrow our Republic?

  4. Brian Spratley July 29, 2020

    Really? This insane as it gets. How can the UN think they could possibly give the USA about anything?

  5. Fuck yu July 29, 2020

    Fuck the U.N.. These are not peaceful protesters. Why aren’t they worried about China. They stomp their protesters. Why didn’t they worry about South Africa committing genocide. Oh wait they were white, they didn’t count.

  6. Teresa Crowl July 29, 2020

    I can’t believe everyone keeps using the word peaceful when talk about the protesting going on.People have watched the news people have watched the live videos we see there’s anything but peaceful and I would personally like to now why is peaceful being used?Why is the people we need to tell us the truth lying to everyone?Btw cops should be able to use any force to settle these “people “ down.People are dying because of their totally thoughtless decisions.Can anyone give a damn about the law biding citizens?

  7. PS July 30, 2020

    The UN has no power here…The Feds are being far too nice to these terrorists..

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