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Wisconsin police abandon Democrat convention over safety concerns

Wisconsin police organizations have told the Milwaukee Police Department that they will no longer be planning on providing additional officers for the Democrat National Convention in three weeks. The reserve police are worried that provisions forced on Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales — like banning the use of non-lethal tear gas — will put officers and protesters at additional risk.

“When you rule an unlawful assembly to help break up that crowd, once we deem them unruly, that’s a safe manner in doing so. Not having those tools increases the potential for more violence,” Morales said according to local WTMJ4 TV. “That’s a big concern for the law enforcement community within Milwaukee and outside of Milwaukee.”

Milwaukee would be screwed if it weren’t for the fact that DNC convention is just a shell of what it was to be this year. Still might be in trouble. This is what happens when you stop law enforcement from keeping our communities and themselves safe,” warned former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R).

Previously Milwaukee had requested up an additional 1,000 officers to deal with the increased numbers of visitors caused by the convention and the likely protests that the convention will spawn.

Chiefs in nearby cities Fond du Lac and West Allis have said that banning tear gas makes it more likely that protests in Milwaukee will get out of hand.

“I am unwilling to ask West Allis Officers to work in an uncertain environment where they may not have the appropriate equipment to safeguard citizens and themselves,” said West Allis Chief Patrick Mitchell about pulling out of the convention.

Fond du Lac Chief William Lamb said that while he understood the concern in using tear gas, nonetheless, chemical irritants “are a time proven tool that can be used to very safely and effectively prevent, stop or otherwise control protests that have become non-peaceful from escalating into full rioting and extreme violence.”

The Milwaukee Police are governed by a seven-member, part-time, civilian committee appointed by the mayor and the city council. The committee recently sent Chief Morales a number of demands, including the tear gas ban. Morales was told to accept the demands or he would be fired.  

“If you don’t satisfy us with your answers to these directives you can be disciplined or fired,” said Franklyn Gimbel, Morales’ attorney, and a former governing committee member. “That suggests to me their endgame is to create a cause for that discharge.”

Morales says that with just here weeks to find extra security for the convention, he might have to ask the Wisconsin National Guard or federal agents to provide protection.

Obviously, Democrats will be anxious to avoid the irony of federal agents, provided by President Donald Trump, protecting the DNC because Democrats won’t let the police do their job.  

“The Fire and Police Commission is expected to discuss the discontinuation of tear gas and pepper spray at their meeting this Thursday,” says WTMJ4.

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  1. Chuck July 29, 2020

    Just let the city burn to the ground

  2. Glenn July 29, 2020

    Maybe antifa terrorists will actually do something good and burn down the building with the entire demonRAT hierarchy trapped in it.

  3. Beverly July 29, 2020

    I think the teachers should go back to school without the kids , if they are afraid of them . They can teach them they the computers like some have already done. The teachers stay in their classroom and the kids sign in when it is their scheduled time. Then the kids sign on to their next class when it is time. IF TEACHERS DO IT HIS WAY THEN THEY DO NOT GET PAID . I THINK I THEY HAVE HAD TO LONG OF A PAID VACATION AND OUR KIDS WILL SUFFER FOR THEIR CHEATING THE SYSTEM. NO WORK NO PAY

  4. Mark July 30, 2020

    Screw Milwaukee you dont want to address the concerns of the police officers then you deserve 0 security and support….I support the decisions of the Fond du Lac and West Allis police departments and All law enforcement officers who choose not to put themselves in harms way for an idiot city that refuses to back them

  5. Wilddog July 30, 2020

    Since the dummycrats have abandoned America’s police forces and has even encouraged violence against them and in the case of dummycrat Portland mayor even JOINED the rioters against the police, I don’t blame the police for refusing to provide security. Since the dummycrats have such a high opinion of BLM/Antifa, get them to provide security at the DNC. Make the evening news worth watching for once.

  6. Rich July 30, 2020

    Rioter’s assaulting target . . . another Chicago, 1968 fiasco with Black Lies Matter, Antifa, Occupy Anything, their Useful Idiot Recruits and a new factor; i.e., “Bernie’s Brigade’s”.


  7. Al July 30, 2020

    The police need the tools to insure their safety and that of the public. No on, and I mean no one should direct them in a manner which is contrary to tried and true methods of law enforcement

    The powers to be should not be directing police tactics. If they truly believe in it, then put on a uniform and you go out there.

  8. moosegringo July 30, 2020

    This is going to be FUN !!!!!

  9. Richard Davis August 1, 2020


  10. Zues August 2, 2020

    Morales: You got it, Committee. No tear gas, pepper spray, etc. Will we be allowed to wear clothes? I brought this up before all the precinct Commanders. It appears there will be a mass sick call on the convention dates. Better hire a bunch of Social Workers to handle the crowds. Called the white house. It took a few minutes for them to stop laughing. When they did, the answer was NO. Let me know how everything turns out. I’ll be fishing.

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