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Pelosi on Republicans: ‘They have a disdain for working people’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that Republicans seem to have a disdain for working people.

Pelosi told CNN that she’s fed up with the GOP delaying the next coronavirus relief package and that the country can’t afford to stall any longer.

“They have a disdain, or sort of a condescension, toward working people, it seems, because they don’t trust how they might use the $600, that kind of thing. ‘Oh, they have money to pay the rent, they’re just not paying the rent.’ Well, we cannot operate if we’re not even stipulating to a basic set of facts.”

The White House and leaders on Capitol Hill have been working to arrive at a deal for a new recovery package. Senate Republicans recently released their $1 trillion stimulus proposal while Democrats are pushing a far bigger relief package. They passed the $3 trillion HEROES Act back in May.

“The people are hurting,” said Pelosi. “The unemployment is high, and that we have a way to address this in terms of honoring our heroes, testing, tracing, treatment, as well as money in the pockets of the American people being respectful of them, and understanding their needs.”

Pelosi says they still have a long way to go before a deal is reached on the Hill but she is determined to find some common ground.

“We need the public to weigh in about the need to support state and local government and all the people who serve the community. You can’t open schools. State and local governments supply over 90% of the funding for schools. So, this is all connected,” she said. “It’s all addressed in the HEROES act, and I hope that they would come closer to our thinking on it.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy meanwhile is hitting the speaker for her delays in getting Congress fully functional again. Democrats have led the charge of keeping Congress operating at limited capacity sighting safety reasons. They even went as far as instituting proxy voting this year which allows members to cast a vote through a colleague without actually traveling to Washington.

“Exactly 100 days ago, I wrote to Speaker Pelosi calling for a clear, safe plan for re-opening Congress. She refused. So Republicans and I released our own detailed plan—to include testing offered by the Trump Admin. She refused. I ask again: Madam Speaker—where are the tests,” tweeted McCarthy.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pointed the blame at Democrats saying their failure to compromise was what was truly holding relief back.

“The coronavirus does not care that we are divided. The coronavirus will not care if Washington Democrats decide it suits their partisan goals to let relief run dry. The American people are hurting and Congress should have their backs,” he tweeted.

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  1. Linda K Bayne July 30, 2020

    Tell Nancy Republicans are the working people.

  2. Mark H. Giles July 30, 2020

    Me on Democrats: They have a disdain for Americans!

  3. Robert Gentry July 30, 2020

    its interesting to see how easily Poliscy,or however she spells her name, can think up so many lies and tell them without laughing. she differently a handful. If she would leave out her gun controll and other stuff that has no place in the funding then the funding could be passed. Shes the reason for the delays, not Trump, or anyone else. She a scurge to our government and our nation, and back stabs the people who put her in her job, every chance she gets. I have been a Democrat all my life as was my parents and theirs, emphisis on WAS. She is the reason I am a Republican now.

  4. Jana Mackay July 30, 2020

    Her smirk resembles Hillary Clinton. Surprised?

  5. Mark H. Giles July 30, 2020

    Democrats have total disdain for Americans!

  6. Larry Boros July 30, 2020

    Republicans are the working people and the entrepreneurs you old hag!

  7. Wilddog July 30, 2020

    Cement face Pelosi is just a lazy stupid worthless lying female dog raw sewage. It’s the DMMYCRATS who hate working people, especially if they don’t work for the government. Coal Mining jobs and coal fired electric plants were devastated under Oboob and cement face Pelosi. THESE WERE UNION JOBS!!!!! The Keystone pipeline was deliberately held up from being constructed. MORE UNION JOBS!! Oil drilling was severely curtailed. MORE UNION JOBS!!! For years the dummycrats have imported illegal workers to work in meat packing plants taking away American UNION JOBS!!!! Dummycrat also took away small business tax write offs which had a negative affect on manufacturing. MORE UNION JOBS GONE!!! The dummycrats don’t give a crap about the blue collar working people. Trump does care and has been bringing jobs back to America, despite the dummycrats or covid. TRUMP 2020!!!!

  8. Veteran July 31, 2020

    Working people don”t riot, or want to defund the police, and working people don’t vote Democrat because they don’t wamt redistributed to rioters and illegals what they worked for so hard by those who have nothing but disdain for them – Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats. Go fly a kite Nancy!

  9. Thomas Fugate July 31, 2020

    Disdain for the ordinary people says the woman whose refrigerator cost more than all of the appliances in most homes. The woman whose ice cream supply would cover most folks food budget for months. If it was not for double standards Democrats would have no standards.

  10. George V Rowe July 31, 2020

    By and large democrats and their left-wing ANTI-AMERICAN ilk are the freeloaders, the takers.
    Study some democrat history read: “Black Yellowdogs”

  11. Don July 31, 2020

    Thus exposing her lunacy again. I worked for 50 years and was ALWAYS treated well, but then again, I worked and my work was respected. The word “work” is a 4 letter word to Demonrats so all they do is whine like all lefty politicians.

  12. wAYNE July 31, 2020


  13. Tex Jester July 31, 2020

    We don’t need another “stimulus package” – we need to have the country opened up. Folks, this is not the Black Plague; we are NOT all gonna die.

  14. Oat 35 July 31, 2020

    Pelosi has disdain for human kind except her $5,000 dollar refrigerator and her favorite Ice Cream.

  15. Erik Johnson July 31, 2020

    Let’s See…hmmmmmm
    Who DELAYED The FIRST Package…Oh Pelosi Did…
    Who Said…Hey Come On Down to China Town…It’s SAFE…Pelosi Did…
    Who Made Sure Her RICH Friends and Companies Got Money They Weren’t Supposed To…Oh What’s Her Name…Pelosi…
    Who Said Wearing a Mask Was Unnecessary and Ride The Buses and NOW Finally Told The House Too…Wasn’t It Pelosi…
    Who Tried to SNEEK In UNNECESSARY MONIES Into HER HERO’s Act…Let Me Guess…Pelosi…
    Who Was Eating $35 a Pint Ice Cream, While America Was on the Brink of Starving…Again Pelosi…
    Who Said…$600 a Week, They Will Have No Need to Go Back to Work…Was it Pelosi…
    Who Wants to Give Us Another $600 a Week To Keep Us From Going Back to Work…Pelosi Did…
    Who Wants To COMMITT FRAUD With the Ballet Boxes…Let Me Guess…Pelosi…
    Who Wants to Bring The American Economy to It’s Knees…You Bet Ya…Pelosi…
    Who BLAMES EVERYTHING On Pres Trump…
    Who Can ADD TO THIS LIST ???
    Who NOW, Is DELAYING The GOP Package…Yeppers Pelosi…

  16. Zues Papadopoulos August 2, 2020

    We should just start calling her Nancy Beetlejuice. But, Beetlejuice actually made sense and doesn’t act braindead. She also looks like the aliens (yes, illegal) in the movie Mars Attacks. I have a renowned dentist, here in FL, He could definitely repair her dentures.

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