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Trump gains victory in Portland, state agrees to enforce laws

In a big victory for President Trump, federal agents are withdrawing from downtown Portland after reaching an agreement with state authorities in Oregon to protect property and to enforce laws against violent protests.

The acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Chad Wolf, says the agreement hinges on the deployment of Oregon State Police to secure the area.

“The state of Oregon is finally agreeing to cooperate with our federal forces — exactly what we asked for since the nightly violence broke out two months ago. We’re glad Oregon is now correcting their months long error,” said Wolf in a Twitter post.

Liberals are also claiming victory, however, calling the federal agents an “occupying force.”

“The federal government has agreed to withdraw federal officers from Portland. They have acted as an occupying force & brought violence,” tweeted Oregon Gov. Kate Brown.

The agreement between federal authorities and state authorities was negotiated by Vice President Pence, said Brown, although Pence has been silent on the subject.

Brown claims that the federal departure from Portland is not conditional and that all federal agents, except those normally stationed on federal property, would leave the city on Thursday.

Portland has witnessed over 50 nights of continuous protest that the DHS characterizes as “criminal violence” carried out by anarchists, and unhindered by local law enforcement.

“In Portland, what we see is almost two months of coordinated violent attacks by anarchists against a federal courthouse and the federal law enforcement officers sworn to protect it. Other federal property in other cities is being protected by both federal and local law enforcement,” says DHS.

CNN is reporting that Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents are being asked to deploy in the city until at least October, despite Brown’s claims. The CBP is looking for officers with experience in search and rescue, intelligence and tactical policing according to an internal CBP recruitment email shared with CNN.

Violent agitators previously tried to shield themselves from law enforcement by using human shields in the form of women who called themselves the Wall of Moms, but were met by resolute federal agents. Soon after the group broke up over leadership squabbles.

Earlier in the week, authorities in Oregon had sent out a plea for a “ceasefire” between protesters and federal agents, in the first indication that they had reached the breaking point.

Yet, President Trump kept up the pressure. He warned yesterday that Portland was turning into a third world, failed state, even while negotiations were taking place.  

“I used to say we would become another Venezuela, same ideology, you would become another Venezuela…They don’t have anything, and that can happen to us. All you have to do is look at Portland, look at the agitators, look at the anarchists in Portland,” Trump told a gathering of energy executives.  

Yes, look at them now.

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1 Comment

  1. wayne July 31, 2020

    If the Governor & Mayor would have enforced the law at the very beginning , the Federal Agents would not have been deployed to the State 7 city !!! As I see it this whole problem should have been handled by the state from the very beginning ,but the Mayor & Governor gave into the Protesters ( Violent) 7 the anarchist took full advantage of there stupidity !!! !!! Federal agents should not leave until conditions on the ground are met for them to leave !!! any further, damage should fall on the state & Governor !!!

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