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Pro-hydroxychloroquine doc reportedly fired after speaking out for making the drug available

Last week Dr. David Samadi, a board-certified urologist and former Fox News contributor, tweeted that he had been locked out of his Twitter account because social media powers that be “didn’t like a discussion of a certain medication.”

“In reality,” he added, “I find it unsettling that as a medical doctor I’m not able to discuss medicine. Are we living in America any longer?”

Samadi was referring to hydroxychloroquine, the use of which has proven to be among the most controversial, and partisan, things about the nation’s battle against COVID-19. And according to some studies, the drug can be effective in stymieing the advance of coronavirus when administered early on.  

While conservatives can empathize with Dr. Samadi about his blocked Twitter feed, Dr. Simone Gold can do him one better.

She claims advocating for hydroxychloroquine cost her her job.

Gold was among a group of physicians called America’s Frontline Doctors who are challenging the narrative about coronavirus. That includes arguing that hydroxychloroquine can be an effective treatment against the illness.

The physicians shared their opinions at a press conference in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, the video of which was promptly removed by Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for spreading “false” information. The internet giants instead steered people to the World Health Organization for opinions on approved treatments.

At the press conference, Dr. Gold, who founded the group, noted, “This is a treatment regimen that is very simple, and it should be in the hands of the American people.”

“Because of politics,” she added, “it’s being blocked from doctors prescribing it, and it’s being blocked from pharmacists releasing it.”     

“I’m in favor of it being over the counter,” Gold said. “Give it to the people.”

Gold is not a witch doctor. She’s a board-certified emergency room doctor in the Los Angeles area with 20 years of experience. According to her website, she is also a graduate of Stanford University’s law school.  

But she told Fox News host Tucker Carlson after the press conference that she was “summarily” fired for appearing in an “embarrassing” video.

She suggested to Carlson that because of politics, pharmacists are allowed to overrule doctors on use of hydroxychloroquine. She added that Americans should be “alarmed” by this.

“You have to kind of wonder why we’re still talking about an FDA-approved medication that’s been around for 65 years,” she told Carlson.

One also has to wonder why we’re not allowed to even debate treatments to COVID-19, and why the Party of Science and its media cheerleaders are so quick to squelch dissenters when, based on the death toll in blue states, their methods have hardly been effective.

As Dr. Samadi put it, are we living in America any longer?

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