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Biden to huddle with VP finalists

All eyes are on former vice president Joe Biden as the country awaits the Democratic nominee’s running mate selection. Republicans and Democrats both agree that the choice will be one of the most important decisions of Biden’s political career.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is the co-chair of Biden’s VP selection committee. He again confirmed to MSNBC that the individual will be a female and said that Biden plans to spend time with the finalists in the next week.

“We have amazing women that have been a part of this process. We’re keeping them all, we’ve vetted them heavily, all of them have passed the vet, and now in this next week, week and a half, Mr. Biden can spend some time with them,” he said.

Biden has been looking for a partner who he can create the same bond that he had with former President Barack Obama during their eight years in the White House. These one-on-one meetings with his VP finalists will be key for him to see who he has the best chemistry with. Biden also needs to find a running mate that can help bring energy to his campaign and deliver votes from key demographics needed for a November victory.

Last week, Biden told reporters that his decision would come the first week of August but sources close to the campaign say that isn’t likely.

Vetting a VP candidate is no easy task. Hours are spent researching the individual and finding any “dirt” both personally and politically that could come back to bite the presidential nominee during the election. Although Americans are desperately wanting to know who Biden will pick, both Republicans and Democrats agree that it’s a choice he shouldn’t take lightly.

Mo Elleithee, the founding executive director of Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service told Fox News this week that history shows VP announcements come much closer to the national conventions.

“Looking back at the past couple of decades of presidential politics, presidential nominees have typically announced their running mates much closer to the conventions,” Elleithee said.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson had some fun while profiling some of Biden’s finalists.

“Karen Bass is a lunatic Fidel Castro acolyte who praised Scientology. Stacey Abrams is so delusional, she thinks she’s the governor of Georgia. Kamala Harris, pretty much no one who knows her likes her,” Carlson said on his show.

Many have criticized Biden for caving to political pressure and selecting his running mate based on sex and race instead of who is best qualified for the job. Early on Biden said he would be picking a female but only in the wake of the George Floyd protests did his focus shift to a woman of color.

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  1. JC August 4, 2020

    What a joker! He wants Harris because she did wonders for Willie Brown! That way she can move up a slot, you know, get ahead.

  2. Tina August 5, 2020

    Not only do the democrats have a horrible candidate, his vp choices are a joke. Not a decent one among them. Trump is headed for a landslide victory.. Maybe if they had spent the last 3 years looking for a viable candidate instead of Trump trashing and impeachment garbage, they would have found someone who could at least put 2 sentences together.

  3. MAGA4EVER August 6, 2020

    Like watching a “Magician” . . . Never watch the “moving hand”, but watch the other hand . . . PREDICTION – Michelle Obama will be “trotted out” at the Convention . . . Mark my words !

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