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CNN host Stelter absurdly attacks conservative media as ‘offensive’ and ‘extreme’

CNN’s supposed “media critic” Brian Stelter loves to lecture the rest of us about the need for “decency” in our political discourse. Yet Stelter’s schtick is one-sided, as he perpetually slams Fox News and other conservative outlets, while excusing the left-wing media for its bias. There’s a word for this: trolling, gaslighting, hackdom.

Stelter was at it again Sunday with a tweet that claimed, “If you’re not listening to right-wing talk radio, you’re missing just how extreme the Biden bashing has become. It’s offensive and other-worldly.”

That was the theme of a segment on his show, “Reliable Sources,” during which Stelter also asserted, “I want to be clear … there’s a lot of negative partisanship that happens, on the left as well — disdain and nastiness directed at the right. This is happening in all directions, but it is especially extreme, especially vitriolic on the right.” 

He also suggested that President Donald Trump’s supporters inhabit “a totally alternative universe.” 

Don’t be fooled by the alleged attempt at even-handedness.

Stelter only sees this going one way.

To illustrate how ridiculous Stelter’s claim is, one could delve deep into the anti-Trump, anti-Republican bashing commonly found among other CNN “journalists,” such as Jim Acosta, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo.

But just looking at Stelter himself will suffice in answering Stelter’s assertions about offensive other-worldliness.

Look at a few examples by the conservative media watchdog site Newsbusters.org:

  • Stelter just last week claimed Trump was purposefully trying to “crash” America and accused the president of “creeping authoritarianism.”
  • After Trump’s Fourth of July ode to America at Mount Rushmore, Stelter brought on lefty historian Douglas Brinkley, who called Trump “the Infowars president.” Brinkley, with Stelter’s approval, also claimed Trump was “a conspiracy theorist” who “works to divide and dis-unite the country.” Brinkley, again without pushback from Stelter, said, “We are now seeing McCarthyism running out of the White House. And so the smearing of Black Lives Matter, which is a peaceful protest organization ….”

Never mind all those BLM protesters assaulting cops, rioting and looting, and tearing down statues of our Founding Fathers. 

  • A week before that Stelter brought on guests who said Trump’s “lies” were killing people as coronavirus numbers rose, while Stelter himself compared Trump to communist leaders in China or the Soviet Union.

Which is not new for Stelter, since back in January he regurgitated the lie that the president is “possibly working for the Russians.”

  • In May, he brought on Kevin Rudd, a former Australian prime minister, to condemn Fox News mogul Rupert Murdoch. Rudd said Fox News was part of the “Murdoch mafia,” while Stelter’s crew flashed a chyron that claimed the “Murdoch empire” was a “cancer on democracy.”

But that was also the same month when Stelter denounced conservative media’s “obsession” with new Obamagate revelations and Michael Flynn after he participated in three years of smears about Trump’s supposed collusion with Russians in 2016. 

Aside from the Newsbusters trove of Stelter’s anti-Trumpism, his contempt for the president came in early July, when Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, wrote a political hit job disguised as a book about the president. Stelter trumpeted the fact that she referred to her uncle as a “sociopath” and talked about his “cruelty” and his “lifetime of failures.”  

Whether he says it himself or, more commonly, brings on guests who denounce Trump and Republicans and does nothing to counter the narrative, Stelter has a couple of motives for this.

The most obvious is that Stelter, who expends a lot of hot air talking about press freedom, preaches to the choir and neither CNN’s management nor its declining viewership would allow anything favorable to the president to be presented on the air.

Another is that he’s got a book to sell, having recently unleashed a tome that ridiculously accuses Trump of colluding with Fox News, while every CNN broadcast may as well be an infomercial for the Democratic Party.

A third is that Stelter simply lacks the principles he says Trump and others should work by.

Whatever it is, what Stelter practices is not honest journalism, as his most recent complaint about conservative media shows.     

PHOTO: Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

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  1. JC August 10, 2020

    Stelter is a fool. No wonder CNN is a loser!

  2. Alex Czeranko August 10, 2020

    Stelter, or as Fox’ s Sean Hannity calls him “Humpty Dumpty”, is not a media critic. If he was he would have to criticize CNN and MSNBC as well as Main Steam Media for their one sided reporting. Stelter has one agenda, get rid of President Trump. He is NOT a journalist. He is a Democratic pawn. To bad he cannot be a professional

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