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Chicago sees worst riot since 1968 Democrat Convention

Rioters flooded Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood last night, breaking into retail stores and carrying away merchandise. So far, the riot has resulted in at least two bystanders shot by protesters. The riot is the worst the city has seen since Chicago hosted the Democratic National Convention in 1968.

Last night’s riots reportedly broke out after a suspect was shot by Chicago police.

Police were responding to reports of a man with a gun when they found a suspect who matched the description. When police approached the suspect, he fired at the officers. The suspect was taken to the hospital for non-lethal wounds, along with three police officers.

Local news outlets say that the subsequent looting, which started hours later, appeared “coordinated,” although local press won’t blame the police shooting prior to the riot for the outburst.

“In what appears to be a widespread, coordinated attack, dozens of stores, banks and other businesses were broken into across downtown Chicago overnight. The looting spread from the Loop, up to the Near North Side,” says CBS local.

“BOX OF ROCKS: We found a box of projectiles from the back of a truck at Michigan and Monroe that didn’t make it out of the chaos. Biz owners say they brought these rocks & uhauls in a coordinated & widespread looting effort. @cbschicago,” tweeted CBS’ Chris Tye.

Reports say that cars waited on the street in the tony North Side retail area, then simultaneously disgorged looters who smashed windows and took as much booty as they could carry.

“The Gold Coast is being looted right now. What the hell is going on @chicagosmayor ? 3:11am. WTF!,” tweeted former Chicago Bears player, Patrick Mannelly as he videoed the scene from his downtown pad.

The Gold Coast is Chicago’s upscale shopping area, and is home to the city’s athletes and celebrities.

Hundreds of videos show rioters looting stores, including an Apple store, a Tesla dealership, Best Buy and a hotdog shop, as well as beating North Side residents who weren’t fast enough to flee.

Local transit authorities suspended service to the downtown area for Monday at the request of police, affecting over half a million workers.

Police say that at around 5 a.m., a group of rioters opened fire on cops as the anarchists tried to force their way over a bridge on the main commercial street Michigan Avenue.  

The Chicago Sun Times says two men were shot by looters in separate incidents on the Gold Coast and one remains in critical condition at Northwestern University Hospital.

Estimates of the cost of the damage aren’t available because the violence is still ongoing.

One local man, Bruce Ackerman, who is Black, was found voluntarily sweeping up glass on a street near his apartment this morning.

“This is the least I could do,” Ackerman said. “This is unfortunate. It isn’t really helping any cause. I’m a Black guy living in this neighborhood too. What if (Best Buy) closes and they don’t want to reopen? It hurts the whole neighborhood.”

PHOTO: Yahoo News

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  1. Richard R. Pope August 10, 2020

    Enough is enough! These insurrectionists need to be given one chance to surrender and then be shot on sight.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    All lives matter!
    The thin blue line matters!
    I stand for the flag and I kneel only for Jesus!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

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