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Op-ed: The Harris/Biden ticket is dedicated to indefinability

News outlets that have become guard dogs of the Democrat Party have declared Kamala Harris a “safe pick” for the Biden campaign. Wednesday morning, after the Harris selection was announced, the New York Times reported this:

“Her ideological flexibility also matches [Biden’s] recent openness to more left-leaning economic and racial-justice policies amid the pandemic and protests over police violence.”    

What the Times euphemism actually means is that Harris’ “ideological flexibility” won’t conflict with Biden’s amorphic beliefs and dedication to indefinability.

That is just what the Democrat Party needs at this moment because it has no governing principles. On the one hand, it must please its multi-national corporate funders (yes, Wall Street donates far more to Democrats than to Republicans) that demands protection while it relocates the U.S. industrial base to sweatshops in the Peoples Republic of China.

On another hand, it must placate another wing of the party that advocates the redistribution of all the wealth accumulated by the Democrats’ wealthy financiers – and who don’t believe in work at all – especially in sweatshops. In short, the Democrats have to appease the socialist Antifa mobs busting out the bank building windows, while assuring the bank CEOs that as long as they keep paying for protection, they’ll have their backs – and that’s no easy task.  

But for Harris, it might be easier than for most. After all, Harris has both bragged about smoking weed and boasted of locking up weed dealers when she was a prosecutor in California.

Then there is the Bernie Sanders/Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wing of the party which is demanding a radical environmentalist agenda that would undermine energy producers — including those in states like Pennsylvania that the Democrats need to take back from President Trump if they are to win in November. They also demand government-sponsored health care for all — including illegal immigrants. In effect, that includes all of Mexico since that wing of the party also is demanding complete defunding of Customs and Border Patrol.  

That is a lot of political ground to cover even for a demagogue like Harris. Perhaps that is what is meant by the New York Times description of her as “an embodiment of the party’s diversity.”

That also might explain how Harris went from accusing Biden of colluding with segregationists, to now being his Sancho Panza. Recently, late-night comedian/Democrat Party activist, Stephen Colbert questioned Harris about how she can square support for Biden with her previous accusations of racism. Her response was nervous laughter and repeating “it was a debate, it was a debate” without answering whether her attack on Biden in the debate was dishonest, or whether she has learned to like segregationists.

Perhaps Harris could just be franker and admit what everyone already knows, which is that Harris is actually the one running for president, and Biden, with his decades of baggage, is the “moderate” façade Democrats need to hold their uranium 235 party together for one more election.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza admitted as much today with this remark in a commentary punching the Harris/Biden ticket:

“What Biden did is make the pick that maximized his chances of continuing to make the race a straight referendum on Trump while also selecting someone, in Harris, whose resume suggests will be ready to step in if and when Biden decides to step aside.”

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  1. Robyn August 12, 2020

    I don’t know why they keep calling Kamala Harris is BLACK she is not. She’s half Jamaican. She is not AFRICAN-AMERICAN. STOP CALLING HER BLACK IT’S FALSE! Plus her Grandmother owned SLAVES! She never talks about that. Our she got her job by having a affair with Willy Brown who was married. Up standing person sleep your way to the top. I call her what she is a JOKE & LIER

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