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Pence: ‘You have a president committed to law and order’

Vice President Mike Pence joined the “Fight for America” campaign in Des Moines, IA on Thursday to showcase the Trump administration’s work on behalf of law enforcement.

The “Fight for America” campaign is a project of the Heritage Foundation and advocates American values, opposes far-left extremism and shows support for police officers.

“You have a president, you have an administration, that is committed to law and order and to supporting the men and women who serve on the thin blue line,” Pence said.

Pence said that he believes the majority of Americans stand behind police despite the messaging from the far left. He said it is wrong for people to discredit entire departments based on the actions of a few bad actors.

“There is no excuse for what happened to George Floyd,” said Pence. “But in my experience, nobody hates bad cops more than good cops. I don’t even want to say the majority, almost everybody that wears a uniform in the United States represents the best of us.”

The vice president also used the forum to speak out against rioters and looters that are causing destruction across the U.S. in a number of major cities. He said the First Amendment doesn’t allow for destruction.

“The right of peaceful assembly, the right of peaceful protest, is as old as the nation. But let’s be clear, burning churches is not protest,” he said. “Tearing down statues is not peaceful protest. People who destroy businesses and destroy properties and destroy statues will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Justice will be served.”

Pence went on to point out that as calls for defunding the police have begun, crime in the country has started to escalate.

“It is remarkable to think as liberal politicians are talking about dismantling the police department, as they suggested in Minneapolis, cutting NYPD by $1 billion in New York, one city after another, Seattle, Portland, and elsewhere, we also see a rise in crime,” he said.

The vice president said that he and the president are doing the opposite of the left…providing additional revenue to police departments.

“In the wake of the tragic murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, President Trump signed an executive order that said we are not going to defund the police,” he said. “We are going to do the opposite. We are going to fund the police with additional resources so that you can have more training on the use of force, more training in what you call de-escalation efforts.”

Pence has been a frequent visitor to Iowa this year as the Trump campaign works to keep the swing state from going blue. Prior to the event, he met with Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) and other elected officials to discuss the severe weather that passed through the state this week causing massive damage.

PHOTO: AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

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