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Black residents drive BLM protesters out of Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood

Residents of a predominantly Black neighborhood in Chicago called Englewood– where a man who shot at cops was wounded by return fire– used threats of force to expel Black Lives Matters (BLM) protesters who sought to exploit the shooting.

“If you ain’t from Englewood, get the F*** out of here,” longtime Englewood neighborhood resident Darryl Smith told protesters, according to local Fox 32.

The BLM protesters arrived in a caravan to protest the police shooting of Latrell Allen.

Allen, 20, is being held on a $1 million bond for firing multiple rounds at police. Police returned Allen’s fire, wounding him.

Police say a 9mm handgun and shell casings have been recovered and social media posts show him flashing gang signs with a variety of weapons, including one that looks exactly like the gun that was recovered, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.  

Allen, who pleaded guilty to felony burglary last year, is being charged with attempted first-degree murder. He has pending charges of child endangerment after threatening to shoot someone’s 1-year-old child, unless given money, say police.

The shooting of Allen was the impetus behind the coordinated looting of the Gold Coast area in Chicago on Monday night, one of the most violent protests in Chicago history.

Smith says the protests aren’t about Allen, that the BLM protesters are opportunist who use lies to give the Englewood neighborhood a black eye.

“I’ve lived in Englewood 51 years,” he said. “First time they heard something [Allen] was 15. He got shot and a lady got shot. It goes to social media and you have to learn the facts, you have to have facts in this matter.

“A lot of people saying the looting started because of Englewood. We are tired of Englewood getting a black eye, those people were opportunists,” he added.

Other residents were equally vocal about wanting the BLM activists out the Englewood neighborhood, who, they say, only show up to stir up trouble and then flee to the safety of their own homes far away.

“None of these motherf-ers are gonna be here tomorrow. That’s why I got a problem,” Englewood resident Duane Kidd told the Sun-Times. “If they would’ve gotten something incited with the police, who’s gotta deal with it tomorrow? The community. Not them. They’ll be somewhere sipping sangria somewhere.”

But Chicago BLM organizer, Ariel Atkins, said the looting and other acts of violence are “reparations” for slavery and racism in America, and are not only justified but heroic.

However, Englewood residents aren’t buying it.

“We refuse to let anyone come to Englewood and tear it up,” said activist Charles McKenzie.

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  1. Chet Blue Jr. August 14, 2020

    I back the residents of Englewood 100%.

  2. robert moore August 14, 2020

    Its about time all people wake up to the BLM movement and understand what its all about and who’s funding it.They want to destroy this country and every good thing about it.Just look who the leaders are of the BLM and that will tell you what its about.The DEMS want to divide country and destroy the 2 party system.Not one peep out of any of them about all the destruction thats going on and they think theyu will benefit from it.I say BS

  3. JMAC August 15, 2020

    I am so proud of this neighborhood standing up to BLM and seeing Tharp they are not for helping them, but giving them a bad name. How can destroying things be “ heroic “ it’s destructive and helps no one. People can stand up for themselves without hurting others they claim they want to help. How can destroying businesses helping anyone?

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