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BLM protesters in Portland savagely beat man, injured officers over the weekend

Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters pulled a man from a truck and savagely beat him yesterday in Portland while other protesters this weekend threw projectiles at police, including a 10-pound rock, that injured two officers as local authorities were forced to declare the protests a riot.

Police said that the driver of the truck was trying to flee BLM protesters who were attacking him when he crashed. He was then pulled from the wreckage and kicked unconscious.

Video from the U.K.’s Daily Mail shows the man “dazed and… bleeding profusely from the head when he was made to sit on the ground and told ‘wait for police to arrive.’ The man, who some rioters claimed had driven at them, was then knocked clean out by a vicious roundhouse kick delivered to the back of his head.”

The Daily Mail says attackers then shouted “Black Lives Matter.”

The suspect appeared to be a light-skinned Black male, with a long Afro tied behind his head. He was wearing a black t-shirt with the word “security” on it. Police are looking for anyone with information about the man.

Conservative journalist Andy Ngo said that previously, the victim had been assisting a lady who had been beaten and robbed.

The victim was transported to a local hospital with serious injuries and thus far his condition remains unknown as police continue to investigate the assault.

The day before, police had declared the ongoing protests a “riot” and ordered protesters to leave the area.

“At about 11:57 p.m.,” says a Portland Police Department (PPD) statement, “the crowd had engaged in violent, tumultuous conduct creating grave risk of causing public alarm for a sustained period of time; the crowd was rioting. Portland Police announced to the crowd that its conduct constituted a riot and ordered people to leave to the west.”

Police say the protesters were shouting “kill a cop, save a life,” “What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now! If we don’t get it, burn it down!”

Protesters threw objects, including an over-sized, 10-pound rock at officers. The rock injured two officers who were treated at the scene and then taken to the hospital from further treatment say police.

Eleven people were arrested by police, including six for assault on a police officer, instead of the less serious charge of interfering with a police officer, which is typically dropped.

Police say that during the riot the department was forced to hold off investigating 60 calls for police.

“Call types ranged from theft, vandalism, suspicious activity, hazards, hit and run, burglary, violation of restraining order, alarms, stolen cars, harassment and many others,” says a statement from PPD.

Police are clearly overmatched in Portland and need help from the state highway patrol or federal officers to serve the community and maintain peace.

PHOTO: Kalen D’Almeida / Scriberr New

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  1. Gerald R. Molen August 17, 2020

    The Mayor of Portland and the Governor of Oregon bear full responsibility for this heinous act of barbarism. Every one involved in the Black Lives Matter group involved should be served and arrested. The low life who kicked the victim in the head should be arrested and charged with Attempted Murder. That guy is a real pig.

  2. Larry! August 17, 2020

    This crap will go on until the left gets voted out or recalled

  3. notavictim August 17, 2020

    Oh my, not rioters; just “mostly peaceful” protesters.

  4. Randy Anderson August 18, 2020

    Governors and Mayors who tell police to stand down, should literally be hung for their crimes.

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