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It doesn’t seem possible, but new study shows that the media is getting even more biased against President Trump

Were Benjamin Franklin alive today, he’d have to add a third item to his list of life’s certainties: Death, taxes and the media’s hatred of President Donald Trump.   

A new study helps explain.

It’s no secret to even the most casual — and open-minded — observer that since January 2017, the national media have descended from seekers and sharers of truth to outright liberal activism. But the Media Research Center, or MRC, a conservative watchdog group, quantified that with a report released on Monday.

The MRC analyzed network coverage of Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, on ABC, CBS and NBC from June 1 to July 31. 

Researchers determined that the networks covered Trump for 512 minutes during that period and their anchors and reporters made 668 “evaluative” statements about him. Of those, 634 — or 95 percent — were negative. And that was apart from coverage of the administration writ large.

Which, believe it or not, meant the bias against Trump is getting worse. An MRC study in 2016 found that “only” 91 percent of the coverage of Trump was negative.

In a column about the study, MRC Research Director Rich Noyes dubbed it “the most biased presidential campaign coverage in modern media history.”

“I’ve been studying the news media and elections for more than 35 years,” he wrote. “Trust me — there’s never been anything like it.”

In contrast to Trump, Biden received just 58 minutes of broadcast time over the same period. Researchers found just a dozen “evaluative” comments about him. And of those, two-thirds were positive.

Stated differently, in just five minutes, Trump racked up as many negative comments from the Big Three networks as Biden did in two months.

And even with that scant coverage, Biden’s policy prescriptions were almost invisible to viewers of the major news networks — even though the former vice president has unleashed some eye-popping promises to veer further left than his former boss, President Barack Obama. Biden’s proposals got just 5 minutes, 22 seconds of airtime.

Thus, Noyes noted, “Biden escaped any scrutiny of his left-wing policy positions, past job performance or character.”

He added, “Do the math, and viewers heard 150 TIMES more negative comments about Trump than Biden. That’s not news reporting — that’s a negative advertising campaign in action.”


The anti-Trump impact carries considerably more weight now. Because of the intense interest in COVID-19, the evening report of each network has witnessed a rebound in viewership, with tens of millions taking it in.

Noyes then asks a relevant question: “If the networks weren’t scrutinizing Biden’s policies or his character, what accounted for his 58 minutes of airtime?”

Well, it appears 40 percent was devoted to Biden’s nearly perpetual criticism of Trump. Additionally, another 14 percent of Biden’s coverage conveyed the campaign jockeying between the candidates. 

“If you consider the evening newscasts a reliable gauge of the liberal media at large (cable news, big newspapers, etc.),” Noyes wrote, “it means Biden has enjoyed an army of so-called journalists conducting a massive negative information campaign against his opponent, while he is sheltered from any scrutiny.”

Moreover, Noyes noted, “No presidential candidate — not even Barack Obama in 2008 — has ever been on the receiving end of such a wide array of media favors. … While the former Vice President sits snugly in his basement before his nomination later this week, the entire liberal ‘news’ media complex have spent the summer on the attack against his opponent, even as they refuse to report anything negative about Biden himself.”

All of which illustrates why conservatives must remain skeptical of the legacy media and support their own vibrant outlets. The health of our nation depends on it. 

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  1. Larry D Nichols August 18, 2020

    The “Lame-stream media” does not the heart and soul of the American People….hopefully on Nov 4th… the “lame-stream media” will get a history lesson i n real democracy and how America words (the furthest from any of their pre-conscribed liberal ideals!)

  2. Randy Anderson August 18, 2020

    more and more people getting wise to the fact that msm is a propaganda machine.

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