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Police have no answers in brutal Portland beating as media blackout continues

Conservatives are asking Portland police why they have yet to respond to questions about the alleged suspect in the brutal beating of a pick-up driver near Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests in Portland.

“It’s about time @PortlandPolice went public about exactly who is stopping them doing their jobs … The citizens of Portland can no longer afford to go out unarmed, and need to treat all acts of aggression by mobs as an immediate threat to their life,” said one Twitter user in response to a police account of the assault.

While details about the beating and the circumstances around it have flooded the internet — because it was caught on video — details about what the police are doing to apprehend the suspect, as well as the updates on the condition of the victim, have been scant.  

American media is also ignoring any follow up to the story. As is the Democrat National Convention.

One must search all the way to a Singapore outlet of a major media company to get details on the victim and the suspect.  

“The victim, identified as Adam Haner, was driving a 4×4 truck, which crashed after he tried to escape from the attackers,” reports the Singapore edition of International Business Times (IBT).

Haner reportedly stopped to help someone who was being attacked, but the BLM mob attacked him and tried to blow up his pick-up truck by throwing explosives under it.

He crashed while trying to flee the assault.

Last night, rumors circulated on the internet that the victim has died, but Portland police did eventually confirm that he was recovering.

IBT says he’s at home now.

“Haner’s older brother Brian Haner has started a GoFundMe account for him. Stating that Haner was still alive and has returned home, his brother urged people to contribute as he won’t be able to stay long for him in Portland,” says IBT.

IBT also identified the suspect in the case publically, although that information is readily available on social media sites, even if ignored by the news media.

IBT reports that the suspect allegedly “was previously charged with fourth-degree assault and harassment in a 2017 domestic violence case booked at Washington County Community Corrections Center in Hillsboro, Oregon.”

The suspect also allegedly took to Twitter to talk about the assault, claiming he acted in self-defense, and that he might go to jail for murder in the assault.

But so far, he remains at large.

For its part, BLM organizers say they are shocked by the assault, but still tried to blame the driver.

“Elisha Warren, [an] organizer with Moms United, said she saw the truck driving recklessly in circles around the main demonstration earlier in the evening, and was worried he was trying to intentionally hit protesters,” reports the Portland Mercury.

“This is falling back on us, when we had nothing to do with it,” said Danialle James, a community organizer also Moms United for Black Lives. 

Yes, because only Black lives matter. At least in Portland.

PHOTO: Dave Killen/The Oregonian via AP

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  1. Larry! August 18, 2020

    One way to stop this crap is to oust the liberal government in Oregon and all other places. Normal people are fed up with this every night. VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!

  2. Randy Anderson August 18, 2020

    Go to the liberal cities, and drop off dozens of pairs of work boots, and they will flee.

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