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Dems push USPS conspiracy theory at DNC, ignore allegations about destroying America’s police force

Democrats at the national convention on Monday responded to allegations that they are trying to destroy America’s police force with allegations that Donald Trump is trying to destroy the U.S. Postal Service.

“Tactics [by the Democrats] included a video montage of ordinary Americans discussing the importance of the postal office in their daily lives and the introduction of a new phrase to describe the president’s intentions –  ‘defund the post office’ – used by multiple speakers,” reports USA Today.

Citing a host of concerns from delayed Social Security checks to voting to prescription drugs, Democrats consistently raised the alarm over the post office, convinced that President Trump has a scheme to destroy it.

“And now he is putting the lives of Nevada’s seniors at risk by trying to defund the post office,” said Nevada Sen. Cortez Masto (D). “Here’s what that means: Seniors won’t be able to get their prescriptions because he wants to win an election.”

Ignoring any suggestion on how they will manage graver threats such as China, the virus from Wuhan and violent radical protests, speaker after speaker concentrated on the threat to the post office.

“I believe that the right to vote is fundamental and the post office is essential,” said Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) in a speech billed as unifying. “You know the president may hate the post office, but he’s still going to have to send them a change of address card come January.”

One notable exception was Michelle Obama who told viewers that while they should request ballots by mail, voting in person was the key to winning in November.

“We’ve gotta vote early, in person if we can,” said the former first lady according to ABC News.

“Those five words — ‘in person if we can’ — mark a subtle but important shift in the party’s messaging about how its voters should cast their ballots. For months, voting rights experts of all stripes urged voters to use mail-in ballots to protect themselves from exposure to the coronavirus and to reduce the size of the crowds at polling places that are likely to be understaffed in November,” says ultra-liberal Vox.

But after months of close contact by protesters around the country, it’s harder to sell the vote-by-mail scheme as a health measure.

Determined to preserve the ability to manipulate votes through controversial tactics such as ballot harvesting that is made easier by mail-in voting, Democrats have shifted to talking about Trump “defunding” the U.S. Postal Service.

That it tacitly admits that Democrats have “defunding” problem with police — which everyone would agree is a more-timely service than postal delivery—is just the price that Democrats are willing to pay for this get-out-the-vote strategy.    

Trump in response had simple rebuttle to Democrat charges.

“Save The Post Office!” he tweeted.

PHOTO: AP Photo/David J. Phillip

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