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RNC Chair: ‘Never-Trumpers are embracing socialism’

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has a clear message for never-Trumpers: “You are embracing socialism.”

McDaniel was reacting to the Democratic National Convention speech of former Secretary of State Colin Powell who endorsed Joe Biden earlier this year. Powell, a Republican, most recently served as Secretary of State to President George W. Bush.

“Today, we are a country divided, and we have a president doing everything in his power to make it that way and keep us that way,” Powell said in his speech. “What a difference it will make to have a president who unites us, who restores our strength and our soul.”

This isn’t Powell’s first break with his party. He endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 and openly said he voted for Hilary Clinton in 2016. Powell has been a vocal critic of Trump and recently blasted him for his handling of the George Floyd protests. Powell joined Cindy McCain, widow of Republican Sen. John McCain, former Ohio Gov. John Kasich and others as Republicans supporting Biden at the convention.

“It’s frustrating to see never-Trumpers embrace socialism at the Democratic National Convention,” said McDaniel. “This isn’t surprising. This group of never-Trumpers has left the Republican Party.”

McDaniel said that President Trump has proven that he stands up for the principles of the Republican Party. She said that it’s frustrating to see Powell and others stand by a candidate who wants to give free health care to illegal immigrants and abandon core Republican principles such as national defense policies and tax cuts.

“They’re not talking about Joe Biden in 2020 who has embraced AOC and Bernie Sanders. The Joe Biden who has said we’re going to kill every energy job in this country, the Biden who is embracing the Green New Deal. The Joe Biden who last night said we’re going to give free four-year college to everybody,” McDaniel said.

The RNC chair said that Americans need to look past the image Democrats are trying to paint of Joe Biden and focus on what his policies will do. She said they want you to just think he’s a “good guy” when in reality his political beliefs have shifted far left and will be harmful to the country.

“Your taxes are going to go through the roof and he is going to bankrupt this country. He is a bridge to socialism and they’re not highlighting the policies he’s running on, they’re talking about what a good guy he is. Well, he is not a good guy when he is raising taxes on 82 percent of American households,” she said.

PHOTO: Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

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