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Barr: Operation Legend takes ’90 suspected killers’ off the streets

U.S. Attorney General William Barr announced yesterday that the Trump administration’s Operation Legend, which has targeted gun crimes in violent big cities, has so far resulted in nearly 1,500 hundred arrests, 200 federal charges and many innocent American lives saved.

“That’s more than 90 suspected killers who might still be on the streets without Operation Legend,” Barr said at a news conference in Kansas City, Missouri, according to ABC News.

The federal operation involves 1,000 federal agents in nine cities. Named after LeGend Taliferro, who was shot in his bed at the age of four earlier this year, Barr revealed his personal interest in making the federal effort a success, noting that LeGend had survived heart surgery earlier.

“One of my aids came in and showed me a picture of LeGend and told me about the case and that he had had open-heart surgery, which he survived,” Barr said according to Kansas City’s local Fox 4.

“And it was quite a challenge for us,” Barr continued. “I thought of someone going through that and then having that child killed, shot in the face, moved me to feel that he would be a good person to name this operation after.”

While initially, politicians in beleaguered Legend cities such as Albuquerque, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, Memphis, Milwaukee and St Louis resisted the Trump effort to combat violent crime, they eventually followed the leadership of Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas.

Lucas, 36, has taken heat from Black Lives Matter, but has grudgingly cooperated with federal agents.

“I want federal help that solves these unclear murders. I want federal help that’s helping our police officers get to the bottom of any number of long term criminal schemes incidents,” Lucas said.

In part, that’s because LeGend’s mother has been very vocal in support of the Trump efforts to make cities peaceful again. Last week, she spoke for all parents who are survivors of dead children killed by senseless gang violence.

“We don’t have our son, but we have a weight lifted off of us,” Taliferro said, as the Kansas City Police announced that they had arrested a suspect in the killing of LeGend.

Ryson Ellis, 22, was nabbed after he sent threatening social media messages to potential witnesses.

“Police charged… Ellis with second-degree murder, unlawful use of a weapon and two counts of armed criminal action, saying in a press release that Ellis fired shots into the apartment where Taliferro was sleeping on the night of June 29,” says ABC.

“We named ‘Operation LeGend’ after LeGend Taliferro, where we are going to be helping out and are in the process of helping out cities throughout our country that have difficulty with crime,” Trump said. “So that’s really good news, they caught the killer of LeGend.”

PHOTO: Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images

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1 Comment

  1. jboo7 August 21, 2020

    That is Good Policing! And it shows that a Good Police is Needed.
    ACLU have just published a rapport of “Death by hands of Police” of 2020,compared to the past 5 years – and without much difference.
    ACLU is, however, very selective in this presentation – although they still include one year of the Obama-Biden administration which shows that, as ACLU say, that there has been no increase of such ‘police shootings’ under the Presidency of Mr. Trump.
    What ACLU should have shown, nevertheless, are the numbers of “Black Police Deaths” in all 8 past years giving a picture of two full Presidencies, just for true comparison – AND “Deaths of UNARMED Black People”! The real conflict is: Why are unarmed people killed? – Nobody can criticize a use of arms against armed criminals.
    The more important question ACLU should answer is, however: Whose police and jurisdiction did these Unjustified Deaths happen in?
    And ACLU are, again, very quiet about that – namely that over 90% of these Deaths, including George Floyd’s and the other recent ones, were all in Democrat governed cities with Democrat led police forces! Thus, there was no Federal -or Trump- influence in it!
    Nevertheless, all the rioting is directed -although it all takes place in Democrat territories- against the Federal Authority and President Trump.
    That does not make sense, nor is it justified. ‘Black Lives Matter’ was founded in protest against the Obama-Biden government!
    But this “BLM” is just a ‘BIDEN LOVING MOB’. – In short: It’s just Party Electioneering.
    But it already seems to backfire, and the “Democrats” may lose those rioted cities.
    Civil Warring may have worked in Libya, Syria, and Ukraine, Mr. Obama – but not in USA!

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