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Portland slowly turning against violence as protesters drop ‘peaceful’ facade

Portland officials are becoming increasingly disenchanted with protesters in the downtown area as violent incidents pile up, proving that recent protests are anything but “mostly peaceful.”

Last night, local police were again forced to declare the protests “riots,” and federal agents had to expel protesters after anarchists attacked federal buildings and a fire was set in a municipal building for the second night in a row.

“Police declared the city’s 84th night of protests a riot about 11 p.m. Wednesday,” says Oregon Live, “but tensions did not hit a fevered pitch regularly seen at the Justice Center just a month ago. Throughout the night, protesters tagged the ICE building with graffiti and broke several windows. The police response quickly developed a pattern as federal officers came out of the building and pushed protesters into the street.”

Nevertheless, Oregon Live reports that police or federal agents — it is unclear which– “used the stun grenades and gas about midnight to break up the crowd.”

A mile away, on the other side of the river, protesters lit the Multnomah County building on fire, that while short-lived, set off sprinkler systems, resulting in additional water damage.

The building houses social services for the county.

“The Multnomah County Building, the headquarters for the largest safety net provider in Oregon, was vandalized and set on fire,” said Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury.

“The lobby where the first same-sex marriage in Oregon took place, and where millions of pieces of personal protective equipment are being distributed to help our community battle COVID-19, was damaged,” she added.

Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese was blunter.

“The unprovoked actions by those who engaged in criminal behavior is reprehensible,” Reese said in a statement according to the Willamette Week. “It is simply violence and serves no legitimate purpose. It does nothing to solve the issues our community faces.”

Still, the liberals, who have created the mess by encouraging protests, are using weasel wording to try to satisfy both radical protesters and citizens who demand law and order.

“I continue to support and encourage demonstrations calling for racial justice and police reform,” says Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) in a statement. “[But] I condemn the criminal destruction that occurred last night at the Multnomah County Building.”

Previously, Wheeler had been forced to condemn protesters who tried to light a fire in a police precinct building, trapping people inside, by calling it attempted murder.

Then, last week came videos of the savage beating of a white male by a Black male while other protesters looked on, horrifying not just Portland but the entire nation.  

As a result, slowly, it seems police, who weren’t allowed to even enforce the laws three weeks ago, are starting to get the last word.

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