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Alleged gang rape of 16-year-old girl shocks Israel

Police have detained two people in the southern beach town of Eilat, Israel in relation to an investigation of an assault by 30 men who allegedly gang-raped a 16-year-old girl while the attack was recorded on cell phone video.

“According to Israeli media reports, she went to Eilat earlier this month with a friend, and met up with a group of the friend’s acquaintances,” reports the BBC.

“They all went out to drink together before going back to a hotel, where the men allegedly raped the girl, one after the other,” while she was intoxicated and called for help.

The New York Post says that the girl is now being guarded by police “amid a barrage of online threats — as the owner of the hotel where the girl said the crime happened claimed there’s no proof that it occurred there, according to reports.”

Israel has reacted with outrage to the crime, and police say that the video found on a suspect’s cell phone confirmed the attack happened. The suspect says that someone was using his phone at the time of the assault.

But he also confirmed that up to 30 men had sex with the girl, although he claims the sex was consensual in nature, according to the Post.

“This is shocking, there is no other word. This is not only a crime against the girl, this is a crime against humanity itself that is worthy of all condemnation,” tweeted Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday.

Thousands of protesters came out to protest the assault.

“Protest organizers referred to a case at the Ayia Napa holiday resort in Cyprus,” says the Times of Israel, “where a group of Israelis were suspected last year of raping a British tourist, and to a separate case in which two Israeli soccer players were suspected of statutory rape earlier this year.”

“Amid a rise in high-profile gang rape cases in schools,” reports the Times, “[a recent report] found that most victims (63%) of reported gang rapes in 2018 were of girls between the ages of 12 and 18.”

The current investigation has bogged down into a series of allegations between the accuser, the accused and the hotel.  

The hotel says surveillance tapes will show that 30 men were never in the room. But the girl’s lawyer says that she was prevented from knowing how many men participated in the assault because she was being assaulted at the time.

“At the moment we have two suspects in our hands, but it’s still the beginning of a complex investigation. We have an indication that there were several people in the same room. We do not know at this time what their exact number,” says Israeli police.

PHOTO: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

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  1. watchman August 22, 2020

    Even if it was just the two, it is still uncalled for…….

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