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Ken Buck says USPS needs reform: ‘Been bleeding money for 40 years’

Colorado Congressman Ken Buck (R) blasted House Democrats for passing a $25 billion U.S. Postal Service bailout bill and said its time to seriously reform the USPS.

Buck said that Americans don’t lean on the postal service as much today as they did in years past mainly because of email and social media.

“The Postal Service has been bleeding money for 40 years,” Buck told Fox News. “We are sending less and less snail mail now and more and more email, communicating with Facebook and other social media platforms. So, there is less mail in the system.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called an emergency session of Congress during the August recess in order to pass the bailout bill. Democrats had claimed that President Donald Trump and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy were attempting to delay mail-in voting in an effort to undermine the 2020 election.

The president is against widespread mail-in voting and says it will lead to massive fraud.

Buck disputed those claims and said the bill was a distraction from Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s poor campaign performance.

“One, Democrats are trying to throw the results of the election into question,” he said. “Two they’re trying to step on the Republican convention and three they’re trying to protect union jobs in one of their large federal unions. So, all three things are at work as to why we’re here on a weekend coming in during August recess to vote on this.”

The Colorado congressman said that the post office is trying to operate the same way it did in the past which simply isn’t realistic. He said with the increased use of technology its time to make changes.

“That’s the problem with the federal government. We are stuck in the 19th century,” he said. “We’re not competing in the 21st century and we can’t operate an obsolete system in this way. And it certainly has nothing to do with the selection. For 40 years, both parties have tried to change the postal service, because everyone has seen how obsolete the system is.”

Buck also took time to point out issues that Americans should be worried about instead of the attempted distraction by Pelosi.

“This is part of Nancy Pelosi’s plan to try to embarrass the Trump administration before the election and it’s just sad they can’t talk about real issues like Hunter Biden,” Buck said. “Like Joe Biden’s mental state and his inability to keep his appropriate space when he’s talking to women.”

The postal bailout passed the House mainly along party lines. 26 Republicans did cross the aisle, however, to support the bill.

PHOTO: Greg Nash/Pool via AP

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