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Riots erupt in Kenosha, curfew declared

A video of an officer-involved shooting of a Black man in Kenosha, WI has precipitated wide-spread rioting, including arson, with curfews imposed on the city, one week after nearby Milwaukee hosted the Democrat National Convention.

“The Black man was shot multiple times as he tried to get into a vehicle, with some of the incident captured on cellphone video,” says ABC News Chicago. “The man, identified by Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers as Jacob Blake, is in serious condition, according to the Kenosha Police Department.”

The video, which has been truncated, shows an altercation between Blake and a female, along with three police officers. Blake emerges from behind an SUV and appears to have scuffled with one of the officers. The officer, who appears to have been assaulted, follows Blake and grabs him by the shirt.

It’s unclear if the police shot Blake because of a perceived threat of a weapon inside the car or for some other threat. Blake’s three children were inside the SUV at the time of the shooting.

Police were responding to a domestic violence call.

Residents immediately confronted police after the shooting while Blake was airlifted to emergency surgery.

The Wisconsin Department of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is investigating, according to the state’s Department of Justice (DOJ).

“DCI is leading this investigation and is assisted by Wisconsin State Patrol and Kenosha County Sheriff’s Office,” DOJ said its statement. “All involved law enforcement are fully cooperating with DCI during this investigation.”

Police deployed armored vehicles in response to the subsequent riots.

“Hundreds of demonstrators have taken to the streets in what some are calling riots in Kenosha. Rocks and bricks have been thrown, and at least one molotov cocktail being thrown has been reported, as is property damage. One police vehicle was reportedly “stomped” and then later towed away,” says the Racine Journal Times.

Video shows officers being attacked, with one being knocked down from behind with a brick. Local CBS News 58 says one its photographers was hit with a brick. Other videos show a car dealer’s lot, with cars afire, nearby a Unitarian Universalist church that sports a sign saying “Black Lives Matter.”

One Twitter user said that dealership was a Black-owned business.

Kenosha County declared a curfew until 7 a.m. today.

The county offices will be closed today “due to damage sustained during last night’s civil unrest,” says the county website.

PHOTO: CBS 58 News Milwaukee

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