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Protesters attack Portland City Hall as Trump urges authorities accept federal help

Several dozen protesters were arrested last night after protesters broke windows at city hall, “threw bottles and eggs at police, [and] put metal bars in the street to try to damage police vehicles,” says the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

It marked the 90th night of protests in a row for the embattled forces of law and order in Portland.

“Officers moved in and could be seen taking people into custody, and then a standoff began with the protesters for about a half-hour,” says local KATU. “Eventually, the officers boarded police vans and left the area. They returned about a half-hour later when they declared the gathering a riot and chased protesters down the street, deployed smoke and took another person into custody.”

Authorities claim that the lobby of city hall was vandalized and footage from KATU shared on Twitter show protesters inside the lobby.

“Within about 15 minutes of arriving, some in the crowd had graffitied the rotunda,” says OregonLive, “smashed a door switch and broken at least three glass doors. Police said several demonstrators entered City Hall and that security features, including a surveillance camera, were smashed.”

Photos from OregonLive show the building tagged with “The War Is On Teddy Run!” in reference to Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler who has been soft on the protesters.

“ACAB” (All cops are bastards) was also featured on boarded up City Hall windows.

The Daily Mail says that protesters attacked officers with lasers designed to damage eyesight and destroyed a nearby public transportation bus stop.

“The violence came a day after protesters Monday night repeatedly set fire to a police union headquarters building and were repelled by officers spraying tear gas, officials said. Twenty-five people were arrested amid clashes that stretched into Tuesday morning,” reports the Daily Mail.

“Rioting in Portland continues as usual tonight. After #antifa smashed up City Hall, police moved in and broke apart the black bloc group blocking the street. #PortlandRiots,” tweeted Andy Ngo.

Most protesters were arrested for disorderly conduct or interfering with a police officer, charges that local authorities have vowed not to prosecute so they can enable further protests.

Previously, the Trump administration had deployed federal agents to Portland to help combat the riots, but Portland authorities grandstanded that the agents helped accelerate the violence while claiming local authorities could restore order.

Today, President Trump said he will be sending federal help to Wisconsin authorities to combat rioting there and restore order. He pleaded with Portland to also accept federal help.

“We will NOT stand for looting, arson, violence, and lawlessness on American streets. My team just got off the phone with Governor Evers [of Wisconsin] who agreed to accept federal assistance (Portland should do the same!),” Trump tweeted.

PHOTO: Photo by Nathan Howard/Getty Images

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