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Pence: ‘The hard truth is, you won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America’

On Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence accepted the Republican nomination for another four years as the country’s second-highest-ranking elected official. He chose to focus much of his speech on President Donald Trump’s commitment to keeping Americans safe.

Pence said that weak leadership from Democrats is to blame for out of control protests and violence taking place in American cities. 

“The hard truth is, you won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America,” said Pence. “Under President Trump, we will always stand with those who stand on the Thin Blue Line, and we’re not going to defund the police…not now, not ever.”

The vice president said that Biden did not say a single word about the violence and chaos engulfing cities across the country during the Democratic National Convention. He said that Democrats don’t want to restore order.

“Let me be clear: the violence must stop, whether in Minneapolis, Portland, or Kenosha,” said Pence. “We will have law and order on the streets of America.”

Pence choose to deliver his speech from Baltimore’s Fort McHenry, the historic fort that inspired America’s national anthem. He said that America was facing a turning point as a nation and that the 2020 election will determine the “very definition of the country.”

“It’s not so much whether America will be more conservative or more liberal, more Republican or more Democrat,” he said. “The choice in this election is whether America remains America.”

The decision between the Trump/Pence ticket and the Biden/Harris ticket is a simple one according to the vice president.

“Voters will decide whether future generations will have a country grounded in our highest ideals of freedom, free markets, and the inalienable right to life and liberty or whether we will leave to our children and grandchildren a country that is fundamentally transformed into something else.”

Pence said that Trump is not afraid to stand up for American values and the nation’s history.

“If you want a president who falls silent when our heritage is demeaned or insulted then Donald Trump is not your man,” he said. “President Donald Trump believes in America and the goodness of the American people, the boundless potential of every American to live out their dreams in freedom.”

Trump joined Pence on stage at the conclusion of his speech. He will deliver his acceptance speech on Thursday from the White House.


PHOTO: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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