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Trump campaign spokesman rips Democratic convention

President Donald Trump’s campaign spokesman, Hogan Gidley, wasn’t impressed with the Democratic National Convention. He contrasted it with the Republican National Convention during an interview on Sunday morning.

“I predicted that Joe Biden would probably get an eight to ten point bump after the convention just because of the way the media fawns all over Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” Gidley told Fox News. “Turns out, they didn’t and one of the reasons they didn’t is because the doom and gloom and dark messaging about how horrible this country is doesn’t play well.”

Gidley said that the DNC sent a sad message that America is evil and to blame for all of the world’s problems.

“You had people calling for the end of capitalism and you had folks saying, if you don’t open our borders, we’re going straight to hell,” he said. “All they did for four days was tell us that America is inherently evil and that we are the cause of the world’s problems. They even took under God out the pledge.”

Gidley was not happy with the media coverage that the Republican National Convention received but said the RNC focused on the positives because at its core America is still great.

“People understand that this country is, in fact, a beacon of hope and of greatness and of strength and of compassion and of love all over the planet and when you make excuses and blame America and when Joe Biden says basically it’s America’s fault and you compare and contrast that with President Trump who says it’s America first, the American people reject the Democrats’ notion and they support this president,” Gidley said.

The RNC was filled with speakers from all walks of life who shared passionate stories about how Trump had made their lives better. Gidley said that was something the Democratic Party couldn’t replicate.

“We had real people telling their stories of how this country gave them opportunities they could never get anywhere else and how this president, Donald Trump, and his policies made their lives better,” he said. “They told the story of you how America is the land of opportunity, of greatness, of promise and of heroes. The Democrats couldn’t do any of that because they don’t believe it is.”

Gidley says that after the conventions, voters are moving towards the Trump campaign because they are tired of the doom and gloom rhetoric of the Biden campaign. Recent polls show Trump narrowing in on Biden and most pundits believe the Republican convention is to credit for that.

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  1. Alex Czeranko August 31, 2020

    I agree with your take on both conventions. It appears the Democrats think so as well as Biden is supposed to be leaving the basement and getting out on the campaign trail after Labor Day. This is where it could get interesting as Sleepy Joe gets out in public and has to answer questions
    Can’t wait for the debates

  2. Mit Elwof August 31, 2020

    democRATs are convinced after decades of allowing the teachers union to indoctrinate our children that this is the year to activate their Marxist/socialist vision of America… They didn’t take into account for the Patriots that love America and support our President…

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