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Biden campaign aide: ‘Trump is inciting violence’

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield told Fox News on Sunday that President Donald Trump is to blame for the unrest in the United States and the continuing coronavirus pandemic.

“You saw Donald Trump go to New Hampshire on Friday and say, you know, ‘protesters my ass.’ He’s had every opportunity to speak as a leader to this nation that is hurting. To speak to people who are struggling, who are trying to rightly seek justice in this moment, but also who are looking around and who are afraid, who see chaos, who see unsettled times,” Bedingfield said.

When pressed on the notion that Trump was adding to the violence, Bedingfield remained firm.

“He has encouraged his supporters to go out, to be aggressive. If you heard, you were just discussing with Lara Trump, Kellyanne Conway said it unapologetically it is better for this president if there is more anarchy, more violence, more chaos. He has at every opportunity tried to fan the flames here, and that is the reason we’re living in Donald Trump’s America,” she said.

The deputy campaign manager said that tensions are high in America because Americans are scared and Trump has failed to address the coronavirus appropriately.

“Part of the reason why we are in the state of chaos that we’re in in this country is because Donald Trump has failed to lead on the coronavirus,” Bedingfield said. “He failed to take it seriously from the outset, and he’s failed to be uniter. He’s failed to lead as we’ve been grappling with this moment of racial injustice in this country. This virus has turned our lives upside down, we are in the situation we are in because Donald Trump failed to contain it.”

Both Trump and Biden are expected to visit Kenosha, Wisconsin this week where violence is ongoing in response to the police shooting of Jacob Blake. It will be one of the first times Biden hits the campaign trail after stating that he would not travel much during the campaign.

“Yes, you will absolutely hear Joe Biden out this week, addressing this moment in the country. I can tell you is he is going to do what he’s been doing across the course of this summer, which is calling together people, uniting the country, leading, encouraging people to take on this moment with a sense of purpose,” said Bedingfield.

Bedingfield also praised Biden for his ability to bring people together unlike Trump who has produced division within his own party. She said Biden has proven he can work with Republicans, independents, and even progressive Democrats.

“It’s something he’s been able to do his entire career, it’s something he’ll be able to do as president.”

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  1. Hazel J Robinson August 31, 2020

    As this demwit expects you to do is don’t believe your lying eyes! The leftists including their mayors They have let this go on for months and have not addressed what has going on in the streets or even at their own convention. And now that their poll numbers are in the tank, “BLAME TRUMP! Its a little to late and this lie is going to explode in their faces and bite the on the ass come election day!

  2. Watcher August 31, 2020

    Totally delusional or, more likely, an out and out LIAR. BTW who really believes Joe will go to Kenosha? The only way that will happen is if there is a Kenosha,DE!

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